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Wednesday, 29 October 2014
Anti clockwise: Neom organic candle, Wedgwood teapot (on sale here), Robert Welch butter knife, vintage spoon, Wedgwood teacup and saucer (on sale here).

When it comes to fashion, I prefer black, stark, edgy and dramatic clothes but my preference is quite the opposite with tea sets, cutlery or flowers. I like them pretty, dainty and in hues of pastels. It's like a Jekyll and Hyde thing......... I love the smiles on my friends' faces when I serve them tea in pretty cups and teapots. Tea invariably tastes better too (it's probably a psychological effect). I found these antique looking ivory cutlery from John Lewis which I adore. Ditto for the butter knife. Beautifully made and very affordable too. I reserve my favorite 3 wick Neom organic candles for  special occasions. They contain none of those nasty synthetic fragrance and don't cause my asthma to flare up.

Is anyone out there collecting pretty and dainty tea sets too? Or as obsessed as I am about cutlery?


  1. Hi Marlene - I am also obsessed and collecting! I have a very similar taste to yours and wear predominantly black and grey (also love unusual dramatic silhouettes!) and other neutrals like mocha beige (pale or true beige as well as camel do not suit me sadly) and navy. Burgundy cashmere scarf and hat from H&M (very decent quality for the money) and camo print silk Uniqlo shirt/blouse (highly highly recommend, on sale now as well!) are in fact the most adventurous pieces of clothing that I own! I'm also eyeing a gorgeous cashmere fair isle cardigan in muted, mostly grey, palette on eBay but still need convincing myself that I will actually be wearing something as "extreme"! At the same time I absolutely adore pretty floral crockery and kids wear and accessories (my 1,5 year old daughter almost exclusively wears liberty print smock blouses!).

    PS I absolutely love your blog and am very grateful to you and other lovely and brave ladies who took part in the Sisterhood project. You have helped me immensely, and I am sure I am not the only one. Thank you so so much.
    Best wishes, Irina xx

    1. Irina, I ummed and ahhed about the Uniqlo camo shirt. Now that you've recommended it, I'll go and check it out again.

      Thank you ever so much for the feedback about the Sisterhood project. It's people like yourself who wrote in and talked about how the stories have affected you that really encouraged me to keep the project alive.

  2. Have always preferred drinking tea out of porcelain and bone china. It definitely tastes better than drinking out of earthenware. I have a large selection of vintage tea cups and saucers, but am starting to downsize now as have run out of space.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only person thinking this. I bought some earthenware but tea just tasted better from a porcelain or bone china cups. I only have a teeny tiny collection. I don't mind adding another couple more later.

  3. Yup. Bone china/porcelain tea cups and vintage sterling silver cutlery! I have two sets of SS flatware from the 1930's - one was my grandmother's - and, yes, I use them every single day. I threw my stainless out a few years ago. What's the point of having it if you don't use them, no? I think I got this from one of those Do It Like The French Do books I'm always reading. :)

    I collect tea cups/saucers but only if they have floral patterns - especially roses. Those sit unused - LOL - but they are so pretty. I mostly collect them in thrifts or Ebay. Funny thing is that I only drink iced tea. Coffee is taken in a huge white porcelain Crate and Barrel Café Collection mug. I bought the entire set 15 years ago and - yes - I mix those plates with the antique SS flatware!

    1. LOL! Maria, that's really funny. You drink iced coffee but collect teacups. But I suppose the weather's so hot over at your end, it would seem silly to be taking hot drinks.



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