10 Cheap Thrills

Saturday 18 October 2014
Weekend High St

1. Mango pocket shirt   £29.99  (use code 5MNG for 30% discount)
3. Mango double breasted coat £119  (use code 5MNG for 30% discount)
5. M & S lace bandeau shorts  £6 (3 for 2)
8. Zara ripped jeans  £29.99

1. Mango pocket shirt   £29.99 (use code 5MNG for 30% discount)
I've been hankering for a slightly oversized white or blue shirt. I'm still fearful of wearing anything white, only because it's a miracle if I come home unscathed even if the garment was on my body for an hour. 

I'm told that pointy shoes have a leg lengthening effect. When you're this short, you're willing to give anything a go, bar actual leg lengthening operation. I have a closetful of pretty tame looking ballet flats.  Plain Janes don't tickle my fancy these days because my feet think it's time they're in the spotlight.

3. Mango double breasted coat  £119  (use code 5MNG for 30% discount)
While I'm rubbish at following trends, this season's must-have is essentially the good ol' classic outerwear - sleek, tailored coats which will smarten up any casual outfit in an instant.

No doubt there are hundreds of better quality cashmere scarves out there but if your budget is under £60, this one from Other Stories is good value for money.

I'm not one who enjoys flashing my undies to the world but bargains like these favorites of mine from M&S need to be shared. Their lace bandeau undies are ridiculously comfortable, well made, sexy (RAAAWWWRRRR!!) and best of all, very affordable. 

Simplicity with a quirky take on the all time favorite garment - the sweatshirt. 

I've got an overstuffed Amazonian sized wallet which scared a lot of individuals when I pull it out. It doesn't fit into my smaller bags so I've been hunting for a card holder that I can stuff some bills into. They're surprisingly pricey which was why I was taken aback by the more reasonable price tag from Comme des Garçons

8. Zara ripped jeans   £29.99
Remember my infamous ripped boyfriend jeans? The ones which I wore so often that I planned to change my blog name to Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. I live near North Pole.....well, close to wearing properly showing-skin-ripped- jeans is like asking to be turned into an ice cube. I rather fancy these ones from Zara that are superficially ripped..... There's ripped and then there's you know....riiiiiiippppped

When you're wearing head to toe black or grey, the hat's got to stand out. This one's only £29 but looks expensive despite its affordable price tag.

I've worn my red New Balance sneakers to the ground but they're still my favorites. I hate jogging per se but these New Balance 420 sneakers make feel like I'm running on air. They're fabulously trendy and comfortable. What's not to like? 


  1. Nice collection and I particularly like the Uniqlo offerings full stop. I think that an oversized blue shirt is just such a classic piece. H x

    1. Uniqlo is definitely good value for money. Thank goodness their online shopping is super efficient because I find myself running around like a headless chicken at their super sized stores.

  2. Not bonkers at all - like you say, there is "ripped" and there is "riiiiiiippppped". I understand.

    1. Too bad it's so cold at our end. I feel like we never get enough summer here.

  3. Love them all, especially those pointed flats!
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

    1. Same here, Sophia! I love the pointed flats, especially if they have leopard prints.

  4. Those pointed flats are AMAZING!

  5. So I see the word cheap thrills, then I see everything that you've included in your post - and Marlene, I want to BUY it ALL! Not good for a girl who is kinda on a sorta shopping ban...

    1. Jamie-Lee, you're lucky that you live in Australia and get all the extra 20% VAT knocked off. I guess you could call it cheapER thrills :P

  6. I love everything! Stop tempting me haha



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