Stocking Up

Friday 1 August 2014

It's too hot to do anything here in Athens other than finding refuge in air-conditioned places and submerging only when we've lowered our body temperature. Generally, I'm not a mall kind of gal but the promise of spending an hour or two away from the intense heat made the offer particularly alluring.

The 35% sticker at most beauty counters at the Attica department store including Bobbi Brown and MAC and......*gasp*  25% discount at the elusive Jo Malone (we never discount because we're sooooo exclusive) had us hyperventilating. There was the scary moment when I thought I'd stock up on ALL my beauty products before the fog lifted from my pickled brain and lucidity returned. Never mind that they would've expired or gone stale before I have the chance to crack open the packaging years later.

BUT....the one thing I always stock up is Korres when I'm in Greece. Take the buy one get one free shower gel and knock off another 20% from the €5 price tag. How could I not? Thanks to Heather's recommendation, I just had to get the sunscreen from Korres as well. It's light and absorbs like a dream into the skin. I can't wait to try out the Apivita masks because these days, my skin needs a kick in the rear end every now and then.


  1. Love Korres sun products. Their yoghurt Factor 30 for the face is so gentle and smells scrummy (that may be what your photo is but the packaging is different). Great fan of the Milk Proteins make up removing wipes too, although, for some reason the US packaged versions (blue and brown packet) smells nicer than the European (black and white packets)!! Susan, London

  2. Skincare shopping is much more enjoyable then swimsuit shopping, no? :) As someone who has been known to lug *cough* :) skincare stuff home because I needed to stock up, me thinks as long as you stock up on stuff you use on daily basis (cleansers, shower gels etc), you should be ok on expiry dates. Korres stuff is nice and apivita masks are lovely (aloe is a favorite :)

    It sounds like you and the family are having a lovely holiday! And you are right in sticking to the shade :) From the general seaside experience here - when you are the beach, it can be tricky - there's always a bit of a breeze, you don't feel the sun as much and it is REALLY easy to get a sunburn.

    And for some reason whenever some of my UK/Irish friends come for a visit, they will sit in the sun like lizards, with me running around like a headless chicken forcing some spf on them. I know you don't get much sun in the UK normally, but sheesh :) Then again, I LOVE UK weather, so probably I'm the odd one :)

    Have a great rest of the holiday and eat ALL the food! :)

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