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Sunday 17 August 2014

All these talks about sun and aging. Here's how you really look.

The complacent generation.

When a fashion shoot goes too far.

31 before and after photos of Korean plastic surgery.

Perfectly timed photos.


  1. Korean plastic surgery...I'm not quite sure whether to be outraged or amazed, but I'm secretly thinking...if I ever go under the knife, I might as well do it in Korea. They perform miracles. :D

    1. Haha...we're on the same page. On one hand, I'm like.....WOW. These plastic surgeons are incredible. On the other hand.....I can't believe they went through such an invasive surgery where they don't even look anything like themselves.

  2. Sun and ageing. Very scared.

    Korean plastic surgery. Very scared! I did read somewhere of people not being recognised on their passports since they had extreme plastic surgery. Now I can see why.

    1. I've got freckles all over. I remember seeing myself on an infra red machine and egads.....freckles everywhere. Thankfully, no deep lines anywhere.

  3. Quite a few of these have had a major op called an osteotomy , which involves cutting and re aligning the lower jaw .That's not your ordinary nip and tuck , recovery involves wired together jaws for up to 2 months and liquid feeding via a straw .
    That may explain the associated weight loss !
    I'm not familiar with plastic surgery practice in Korea ,it all looks too good to be true IRL

    1. I can understand if one has issues with over or under bite but it can be a serious problem but just shaving the jaw lines to get an almond shaped face shape???



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