Tolpuddle, Dorset

Wednesday 23 July 2014

If you're noticing that I'm AWOL online a lot more these days, that's because I am hopping from one town to another within England and further afield on photo shoots and filming for a project that will launch in September. I'll be on the road every week using every conceivable forms of transportation until the end of August. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed the company and warm hospitality from many incredibly inspiring women. I can't wait to share more about them with you in less than two months' time. Thanks to them, I've managed to see parts of England I never knew existed.

The sight of the picturesque Tolpuddle with its thatched cottages lining either sides of the narrow main thoroughfare into the village gave me goosebumps. It was akin to being transported back in time to the reenactments of the traditional English village life that I've only ever seen in BBC historical documentaries. Fortunately for me, my visit coincided with their yearly Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival where thousands descend upon the tiny Dorset village to remember the sacrifice of 6 farm workers and celebrate trade unionism. So if you're a socialist.......this may be just your cup of tea.


  1. This is simply peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring! I find myself longing to rest here, especially if I were able to partake of some of that food.

    I'm very excited to see what you're doing with all this travel, photography, and filming!

  2. Simply stunning photography Marlene! I am so pleased that Tolpuddle was officially your first 'proper' visit to an English village x

  3. Anyone that values human rights and freedoms would be inspired by their story. Lovely photos, thank you.

  4. Stunning photographs! Your project sounds so exciting! Looking forward to finding out more! Lynne x

  5. Real Thomas Hardy country so evocatively captured in your shots. Can't wait to hear more of your new project. Susan, London

  6. Sounds exciting Marlene! And I was wondering why you seem to be travelling so freq these days.

  7. Amazing photos Marlene! I was reading the other week that here in NI, it's the first year in a long time they've been able to bale hay as previous years have been too wet! #randomagriculturalfacts :)
    Really can't wait until September to see the fruits of your hard work. Travel safe x

  8. I can't think of anyone I'd rather take a "tour" of England with :) Superb photography as always. Looking forward to more!


  9. Who would have known that there's a festival for the socialists. :D The project sounds certainly intrigued me and now I'm curious to find out more. Do tell.



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