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Sunday 13 July 2014

The agony of Instagram

What is it like to be a P.A for the rich and famous?

Fascinating documentary about the origin of food in China. Little do we know the back breaking efforts that go into procuring food.


  1. Interesting, I can imagine its pretty unrewarding being a PA to any famous as they have a warped sense of what you should give.

    I do remember that story about Princess Di asking her PA away to a Caribean vacay...they subsequently fell out and the PA got the bill for it.

    Think also famous people have so few real friends they be-friend their PAs and it all becomes quite muddy

  2. I can't wait to see the documentary!

  3. Oooooooh, many thanks for this documentary. I was not a fan for chinese food but since you showed me this delicious restaurant and this documentary, I am slowly changing my mind. But here in France, we do not have really good chinese restaurants (except in Paris "chinatown" area) so our taste is warp.
    Also as a PA myself, I can rely on some things this woman says but, remember, she's also american. And although I would totally agree with her on some parts, I can't help but feel uncomfortable with it.



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