Top Sales Picks

Wednesday 18 June 2014

1. T by Alexander Wang classic t-shirt (reduced from £65 to £37)
2. Lancome eyeliner (reduced from £20 to £10)
3. Lancome mascara (reduced from £22.50 to £11)
4. Givenchy Lucrezia bag (reduced from £1365 to £546)
5. Petit Bateau pajamas (reduced from £33 to £14)
6. Isabel Marant Dicker boots (reduced from £360 to £215)
7. Senso Fafi sandals (reduced from £175 to £88)
8. Fendi double wrap bracelet (reduced from £200 to £100)
9. Senso Jolie sandals (reduced from £170 to £85)
10. Barbour jacket for kids (reduced from £79 to £39)

If you shop the way I do, you make note of what you want when the new collections hit the racks and wait till the sale season before taking the plunge.  I was amazed at how much the Givenchy Lucrezia bag has been reduced along with my favorite Lancome products. If you have kids, the Petit Bateau range and Barbour jackets have been reduced by 50% to 70%. The Isabel Marant Dicker boots are fabulously comfortable and they're selling at a decent price. I've just checked out a few items and can't wait till my packages arrive. Has anyone managed to nab a few great bargains?


  1. I haven't even peeked as I'm trying to save my pennies to spend on hol. It's killing me. The bag is a bargain isn't it. Are you tempted?? x

    1. I was but I've bought a few things that are *gulp* fairly pricey...... I need to pace myself.

  2. You nearly gave me a heart attack. I thought Hermes was putting it's leather bracelets on sale. It's a very close look! Love the bag and the sandals.

    1. LOL! It won't be £100 if it's Hermes. Too bad the H sales in Paris aren't all that great these days.

  3. Are you good at getting rid of stuff? I have no more space, so won't be buying any more unless a large bag full goes to oxfam or similar!

    1. Actually, you've read my mind. I've been going through my closet and picking stuff out for sale and charity shop. I can't bear a cluttered house.

  4. Gotta love the sales! I've already picked up some special pieces that I've been wanting for a while at a much better price. I love your picks, the Isabel Marant Dicker boots are perfect :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. Loving the leopard sandals here Marlene. I tried to fill the tan sandal gap with a pair from the Mulberry sale and everything on NAP was sold out in my size sadly so will wait till they add more or until I get my daughters staff discount next Tuesday which will make for some complete bargains if there is anything left! x



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