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Monday 23 June 2014
portrait-new-2 copy Emma portrait-new-1
kerb-landscape cupcakes

Photographing inanimate objects is a far easier task than people. There's no need to engage with a cupcake nor deal with its self doubts (does my frosting look good? Is my strawberry topper unbruised?)  and you'll never ever have to get it to relax its posture either. When you're a naturally shy and quiet kid like me who view the word party as death sentence, it's twice as hard to appear bubbly and cheerful when your DNA is programmed to do the opposite.

I jumped at the opportunity to attend a photography workshop organized by the lovely guys at Green Light Digital on behalf of Simply Health. I've learned a few new jokes, tried a new lens to shoot, gorged on street food at KERB, caught up with the effervescent Emma whose smiles can light up any room and left with several helpful tips from our coach, Paul who's also an award winning photographer.

Thank you, Green Light and Simply Health for the fantastic day. A huge thank you to Annie,  Jess, Olivia, SarahEmma and Lucy for offering their services and volunteered to be willing victims models. 


  1. Epic photos - you are so good

  2. Beautiful, stunning photos as always Marlene x

  3. up until recently i never even used to include my face in pictures as the idea of posing for a picture i find incredibly difficult, i'm like chandler from friends, i go all rigid and weird. this is such a funny post, literally laughed out loud as "does my frosting look good" lol. love the pictures! xxx

    1. I was channeling a cupcake :P I know what you mean. I'm still not the best in front of the camera. I love photography only because I get to be behind the lens.

  4. How I wish I could do good work in front and behind the camera. Sadly not so I will coo over your superb photos x

  5. Wow!! what an amazing photos or poses that you have given in front of the camera and photography is outstanding. Thanks for sharing this superb post.

  6. Wow your shots came out gorgeous! I'm yet to edit mine, looking forward to doing it tonight! :)

    Thanks for the mention! xx



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