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Monday, 2 June 2014

You smell that?? That's the scent of freedom. My first sniff after a half term break that seemed to go on and on and on. I swear that maternal love swells to tsunami heights when our kids are asleep or in school.

I've been thinking about getting a bag insert for the longest time. Variations of bag inserts have been around for a long time but lately, the idea of having one holds a stronger appeal. A friend and client kindly allowed me to photograph hers (it's called Fourbi from Hermes) but after numerous price increases, the £400 ish price tag is far too much to even consider as an option.

Swapping bags can be a pain in the bum. I've always ended up leaving something important behind. Pffffffft..... Secondly, my camera has left scratch marks on the leather lining of some of my bags. The other problem is that the bigger the bag, the deeper the sinkhole its interior becomes. I'm constantly digging for stuff which drives me bonkers when I'm at a supermarket checkout. I saw this on Etsy for under £12. It looks pretty impressive for a relatively small sum of money. Do you use one? Is there one that you can recommend?


  1. I keep meaning to get one of these and that's a brilliant price!

  2. I use one in my LV Sofia Coppola PM and also one in my H Double Sens. I ordered mine from Connie of Divide and Conquer: I don't think she ships outside of US unless her policy recently changed but do let me know if you need help to get one. :)

  3. I really need a bag insert - I am always leaving things behind during bag swaps - debit cards, oyster cards, keys...all very important things! The Etsy one seems like really good value and I love the fact it comes in different colours. I'm quite tempted!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  4. I got a pack of 2, one small and one large from a local department store - for £6!! They are so useful - I have a couple of large bags and it stops that crazy rooting round. Really handy in the smaller bags too.

  5. What a great idea. I honestly don't know why this bag insert thing has passed me by until now. Thanks for your post.

  6. I have and only sometimes use the VIP ones by tintamar - google them. They are lovely but just not big enough for my huge bags. They annoy me too.....I prefer pouches but then I struggle to remember whats in each pouch!!

  7. Another vote for Divide and Conquer from Etsy. She can custom make it to your specifications (size, color, pockets) if you don't see what you like in her store. They are sturdy and well made. (Also willing to lend a hand in shipping to the UK if you need!). Mai Tai collection has just started coming out with some very beautiful ones, too.

    One caveat - the heavier inserts add weight to the bag so, if you tend to be a hoarder with your bag contents, they can REALLY get heavy. Chameleons in vinyl lack the sturdiness, style and pizzazz of the others, but they weigh next to nothing. A thought......

    1. Thank you for your advice, Maria. You're right. I do lug around a ton of stuff especially camera etc. The Divide & Conquer insert looks sturdy but it looks heavy. I'll check out Chameleons.

  8. Ha ha! I am cheap and use a make-up bag! I did use a proper bag insert but things still fell out of the little pockets on the outside.....

  9. What a great idea and on 1st impressions I thought it was Hermes..... I need one of these. X

  10. Yep, been using them for a while. Very useful when wearing my longchamp bag which is essentially one huge space.
    I have the VIP Tintamar one, it isn't bad. My favourite one is the one I found in SEA which was very cheap. It has numerous pockets and even has a strap to hook my keys.

  11. i found a lot of good ones on ebay.. u just need to be very patient looking... 400 is a little too overpriced.

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  12. we are bag twins! i love my insert- use it for a lot of bags not just hermes. love this post! xO!


  13. I love bag inserts, couldnt use my Celine trapeze, phantom and LV nevefull GM without them. I'd recommend Samorga, a bit pricey but definitely worth it. :)

  14. I tried one but it wasn't for me. I do better with a few zip pouches (like Cath Kidston and LV pochettes) that I can just quickly toss in whatever bag I'm using.

  15. I did a double take when I saw the B (pretty color / hardware combination). Muji has some bag inserts; there's a mesh one that can stand on it's own and fits into Birkin/Kelly bags. But I also tend to use large zip pouches to organize. I find they're more flexible for changing from bag to bag. S in HK

  16. I keep coming back to the idea of one when I forget something from another bag when I swap! Then I think no, it wouldn't work. I've ended up narrowing it down to a large purse, voucher zip top pouch (whole families, not just mine!!), make-up bag, sunnies, filofax then just my keys. There always does seem to be the odd thing I will leave in another bag (tape measure always seems to be forgotten) but as these items are fairly large, I just grab them and put them in the new bag. For £12 it's probably worth a go for you x

  17. I use a very old bag that originally contained my Hush pyjamas. It works a treat. H x

  18. I don't use one, but I think it's a brilliant idea if changing bags often, or carrying a lot of things. It's really annoying to be on the go and think you have something in your only to realize you left it behind >.<;;;



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