Diplomacy 101

Tuesday 20 May 2014
Outfit: Isabel Marant Etoile parka (affordable & fab quality parka here), Helmut Lang t-shirt, The Kooples sweat pants (or here), See by Chloe ankle strap sandals (similar here), Hermes Cape Cod watch and Chanel sunglasses.

Outfit: Boden breton, H&M bib shorts and Petit Bateau ballet flats

My peer group consists of very honest people. The kind that requires Diplomacy 101.

On days when I take the time to put on my face.....the whole shebang.
"What's that stuff on your face?" asked my husband while peering curiously over the dining table.
"What?! What do you mean by stuff?" I frowned.
Sensing he's in a sink hole about to go under rapidly, he backpedalled. " looks....err....good"

On days when I can't be arsed to put on my face......
"Hey! Your skin looks great! What did you do?" the nosy husband asked.
"Nothing much. Just a touch of concealer and powder."
Looking confused trying to decipher the last 3 words. "Oh. Whatever it is, it's great. Better than that mask you had on the other day."

On days when I tie up my hair,  spray with a decent amount of Elnett and all the unruly flyaway hair pinned neatly back...........
"Mama, you look like that kung fu guy in the movie. "
"Err.....oookay. I think I'll go read a book. "

On days when I can't be arsed to do my hair so I look like I'm carrying a bird's nest on my head.......
"Marlene, did you just come out of the hair salon? Your hair looks great!"
"I didn't do anything. I forgot to brush my hair."
"Erm....hahahaha.....guess you should start "forgetting" to brush your hair more often. Looks better than being tied up like... like..."
"Like what???"
"Erm......oh look! The kids are out now. Guess we'd better go pick them up. Gotta go!"

Anytime you feel like you're not getting an honest answer, come and find me. I'll sic my crowd on you.


  1. This made me laugh - you can definitely rely on your family for honesty / diplomacy. My mother is well versed on this and everytime she visits, I get another dose!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. This is funny... I can totally relate to the hair one. I can only get the perfect top knot if I don't try... that is when I'm cleaning the house or painting *sigh*

  3. I really look forward to your posts Marlene, this made me laugh as I too am faced with similar x

  4. LOL... thats so funny!! My sister is totally like this with me. I can always depend on her for a very honest answer.

    Best, Mree

  5. This just made me laugh out loud. My Husband queried what I was reading. H xx

  6. I had a good laugh.. thanks Marlene. Exam results are back so I really need this dose of humour!

  7. Love, love, love the ankle strap sandals - there is something so chic about a touch of tan with black (or navy). Susan, London

  8. Great post Marlene - nothing like the family to keep you grounded, eh? And loving your sandals also - what a great buy x

  9. this made me laugh out loud.... fabulous ...thank you. xx

  10. My family are very honest. Infact they are brutal sometimes. Sue "try these one - oh they look tighter on you than they do me - you must be fatter!". Hmmm... thanks.

    Thankfully, I don't take after them.

  11. Hilarious and so true! I miss you guys- L is a doll!!!

  12. this made me chuckle! p.s. your daughter (that is your daughter, right or am i now putting my foot in it?) is my new style icon, i want her clothes, shoes and haircut xxxx

    1. Yup, that's my daughter alright. I'll have to tell her that....I cut her hair (she's HATES it) but I bought the shorts/dungarees because she wanted to be a farmer.

  13. hahah i ALWAYS love the idea of dungarees (thinking in my head they'll make me look as cool as alexa chung) but end up thinking i look like a farmer and that i should have a bit straw hanging from my mouth. your daughter looks awesome xx



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