Afternoon High Tea at Landmark Hotel with Reiss

Thursday 3 April 2014
landmark_2 landmark_5

I made a mad dash to London yesterday for the High Tea event that Reiss had organized at the swanky Landmark Hotel. If anyone spotted a midget sized Asian lady loitering around the area acting like a paparazzo and wielding a camera large enough to be considered a weapon.......yeah....that was moi. The opulent and expansive lobby is quite a sight to behold. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to continue gawking like someone who've just emerged from the jungle and saw civilization for the very first time,  I had deadlines looming. Thankfully, I was able to plant my tush on one of many armchairs dotted around the ground floor and got cracking on work till the event was just about to start.

A lot of thought has gone into organizing the event. The wonderful ladies at Reiss chose a medley of bloggers that represented a wide demographic (race, age, content, body shape) across the U.K. In fact, it was probably the first time I've seen such diversity. So bravo, Reiss  It was quite a comical moment when Kit and I finally met face to face for the first time, completely unplanned. We'd spent nearly a year of communicating via various means (Twitter/email/blog), trying to catch up and failing spectacularly. By the time we'd finished gabbing, the sun has set and it was nightfall. There's the delightful Sarah whose enthusiasm for life and smile put everyone at ease. And then I realized I'm nearly 2 decades older.........

Coincidentally, another blogger, Kat lives a few miles away from me. It was absolutely fantastic to meet Jessie whose strong South Island Kiwi accent made me miss home. Despite our love for designer goods, it was great to meet a fellow Kiwi who's equally mad about backpacking (okay, so we're a little older and more subdued) and staying in interesting accommodations, eschewing the more conventional hotels. Actually, she's probably the first person I've met in the UK who'd been into the jungles of Borneo (like me) and the Mulu caves.

The only time you'll find me eating sandwiches is when I'm dying of hunger and there's nothing in the pantry. Which is was with a great deal of trepidation that I bit into a finger sandwich and............was utterly blown away by the taste. I. WANT. THE. RECIPE. for the cornfed chicken with tarragon crème fraîche filling. If you ever ever EVER have afternoon tea at Landmark hotel, I urge you to try this - confit chestnut and orange mousse placed on top of a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread base. It would've been rude if I'd stationed myself at the dessert table and stuffed one petit cake after another into my mouth though I really REALLY wanted to.

It was a wonderful afternoon and a lovely break from the reality of a working mom (the never ending school runs, work, homework, know what I mean).  To the lovely ladies at Reiss  thank you for the lovely High Tea.


  1. I wish I were right there with you! Love that black lacy belt and your wonderfully vivid descriptions of the food. Miss you! S in HK

  2. Gaaah what's that green thingy? Something with marzipan and raspberries? If it's not obvious am a bit hungry and craving something sweet :)

    But it all looks lovely :)

    1. It's called cranberry jelly with flour less pistachio sponge. It's so nice and calm here compared to the noisy Wolseley.

  3. Those sandwiches and cakes, my idea of heaven. What a fabulous day and superb that you met up with your' blogging friends. I bet you felt you already knew them so well. H x

    1. In some ways yes. I think you can only do so much with emails and tweets. And sentences get lost in translation sometimes so face to face is best.

  4. So great to briefly meet you! Those chicken sandwiches were epic, I definitely want to have some kind of meal there again. We're so lucky to get to see these places in London.



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