A wannabe Parisian

Sunday 13 April 2014
2014-04-07 01.55.28 1
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2014-04-09 10.31.22 1
Lunch with Anne at Merci...........

2014-04-08 09.37.08 1
Followed by a trip to L'Éclair de Genie. The salted caramel éclairs are my absolutely favorite.

Demolishing our treasured éclairs while resting our weary feet at Jardin de L'Hotel de Sens

2014-04-08 05.03.09 2 Navel gazing, people watching and drinking overpriced coffee (and chocolate) at the famed Cafe de Flore

2014-04-09 09.08.44 1
The charming Le Petit Zinc restaurant just around the corner from Les Deux Magots and Cafe de Flore.

2014-04-10 05.55.08 1
Stumbled upon a bookstore specializing in antiquated first editions.

2014-04-10 05.57.39 1_1
Exploring every cranny and nook of Paris

2014-04-11 04.14.47 1
A typical cafe scene in Paris

2014-04-11 04.06.45 1
Running late to an appointment but had to make a pit stop at one of the Amorino stalls in Tuilleries to pick up a couple of gelatos and a salted caramel crepe.

20140409_114101_1 20140409_201700_1 Happiest place on earth - for kids. As for the parents - be prepared to empty out your bank account.

2014-04-12 04.41.35 1 Near the Old Marais where the men are better dressed than women

2014-04-13 01.02.59 1
Off to buy grocery but had to stop to smell the roses. Literally.

2014-04-12 01.23.45 2_1
We went in search of a couple of recommended restaurants but alas, they were all shut on a Saturday afternoon. Feeling rather dejected, we figured our best bet is to wander off the main streets............... Et voilà, we found this teeny tiny seafood place.

These clams would've tasted so good with a splash of white wine and plenty of parsley. There were plenty of sea urchins to choose from too.

2014-04-12 01.59.26 1
Gawking at beautiful buildings at every turn

Picked up a small crate of strawberries from Marché des Enfants-Rouge, the oldest covered market in Paris (circa 1612).

2014-04-13 01.56.24 1
Just before sunset.

I guess you've noticed the lack of posts and the minimal text under the photos.  As you can see, I've been busy pretending to be a Parisian........okay, a wannabe Parisian whose French is bad enough to make the most tolerant local wince. I've done barely any shopping unless you count numerous visits to patisseries, food halls, markets or boulangeries and admiring the imaginative window displays outside the stores. Over-eating for an extended period of time has dulled my brain cells to such a degree that I've sat in front of my laptop for an hour without being able to piece together a coherent and legible sentence. Suffice to say, you'll have to put up with seeing more photos than words.......


  1. OMG where is that bookstore? I need to go next month. What a beaut.

    1. yikes. I can't tell you because we got lost......but it's on the same street as the Maje outlet store on the Left Bank (9 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006 Paris)

  2. Lovely photos - that cafe is near Palais Royal/Comedie Francais, non? I wish I was in Paris now. Sigh!
    Susan, London

    1. Yes, it was!! Thanks for the reminder. I was scratching my head trying to place that cafe. I thought about checking out Comedie Francais but I suppose Lil L will be bored out of her mind.

  3. Gorgeous pics of Paris. I last went 22 years ago, think I need another visit.

    1. I think it's definitely time to make it back to Paris again :)

  4. Magnifiques ces photos!! Sounds like someone had a fab time in Paris.

  5. Those strawberries. OMG. So fresh.

  6. I can almost taste those strawberries. Lovely pictures they capture the setting beautifully. H xx

  7. Gorgeous images, I want to be there...absolutely agree re: men in Old Marais district how stylish are they? Love Paris and I could wander round for days and days on end finding new places, looks like you found some beautiful spots! Xxx

  8. Oh its all just too stunning! I want to live there! I've always wanted to live there & have told Hubby several times that when the kids fly the nest I'm moving to Paris! xx



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