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Monday 3 March 2014
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I thought I'd better warn you that this post contains roughly a million photos. Since I'd brought my humongous camera (which got A LOT of attention from men. The camera, NOT me) to London, I figured I might as well be a little trigger happy and take photos of anything and everything.

I came to the U.K knowing only a handful of people. Thanks to blogging, my circle of friends had exploded. My rationale is that blogging is a pretty isolating hobby. You sit in your PJs and you tap away on your laptop (the irony. Blab about fashion but dressed in track pants).  Furthermore, most of us are embarrassed to tell others that we blog so we treat it like some sort of a disreputable subterfuge activity. It's almost a relief when we meet others and realize that there are plenty of embarrassed ladies. Just like us.


The bloggerfest started off on Saturday afternoon with enough prosecco to dissolve our stomach lining. I'll introduce the ladies tomorrow as I have TONS of photos. Sue and I staggered off to meet Amanda of Assembled Hazardly who'd flown in from Seattle and TK of Dead Fleurette who came by way of Oslo for more drinks and food. Earlier in the week, Amanda and I had already done the pub crawl......... We wouldn't be bloggers if we didn't photograph our food to death. Followed by an Instagram update. And Twitter. You're allowed to roll your eyes. 

Marlene-2 Outfit: Zara coat (similar here), Rick Owens leather jacket (similar here), Uniqlo silk shirt, James Jeans, New Balance 420 sneakers and Chanel WOC (wallet on chain).

The next morning Sue, Avril and I caught up for breakfast. See?  I even photographed Sue photographing her food..... Yes, sh*t that bloggers do. I'll have you know that Sue takes more photos than I do...... The 3 of us had to make a mad dash to catch our trains. I managed to see the lovely Annie of Insideology and we yapped over more food and coffee (I was more hyper than a Jack Terrier by this stage. Totally caffeinated to my gills). I promptly forgot to stop by Patisserie des Reves because I was sidetracked by The Kooples sweat pants. I was so annoyed with myself. Oh, I got papped near the bin (thanks to Natalie who will make an excellent paparazzo. She nabbed my camera and took shot after shot after shot after shot after shot). And yes, I'd forgotten to brush my hair...again!!

p.s. Ladies, thank you for the wonderful weekend, the camaraderie, your friendship and support. And Sue - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Brilliant pics. Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. You packed so much into the weekend. Love your eye for photography and thanks so much for the photos Marlene you wonderful lady you xx

  3. I love this post...a visual feast! And I love that I was actually there when many of them were taken...other than the ones I'm actually in obvs. As always, so great to meet up with you, my blogging friend. Roll on July! x

  4. Marlene....I seem to remember you being the most perfect model for Natalie! You totally bought out the best in all of us in the photos you took! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, I really enjoyed talking to you! The pictures are just such an amazing reminder of a lovely day! xx

  5. Love all the pics Marlene, and you look adorable in the last pic. xx If this works then scrap the above message that was anonymous as that was me too!! If that makes sense.

  6. Me again sorry, above post has a spelling mistake, so when you click on my name it goes to wrong place. Rectified now. Sorry, I'm very new to all of this! xx

    1. No need to apologize, Sarah. Took me 3 goes to reply to yours! And I've been blogging for a few years :)

  7. It's so heart warming to see all my favorite bloggers in one post (I know I sound strange to say "heart-warming", but that's how I felt). I may not commented before in Amanda and TK of DF and Sue's blog but I really enjoyed reading all of them. Friendship is beyond boundary (location wise)! - I Ying

  8. It looks just perfect! Can't wait to meet everyone next year.

  9. It was just fabulous to see you again and you honestly have the most truly wonderful eye of anyone i know. Gifted my love, very very gifted. Absolutely stunning photographs and thank you so so much for taking the time to take them of us and show the other gorgeous ones on here! Plus you edit like a machine! How quick??! Kat xxx

  10. Thank your for a lovely day and so nice to see London through your eyes. It's nice to see how things in real life appear through your lens. Such lovely, lovely photos. And me - take a lot of photos? Pot calling kettle.

    This is a lovely reminder of a wonderful weekend. Thank you.

  11. A brilliant weekend and I cannot wait to come and see you in Winchester - I promise!
    You are so talented - it's such a thrill to look at your photographs via your blog.

  12. Gorgeous photos & I love you being papped by the bin! I'd of done the same! Ax

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