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Friday, 21 March 2014
Top to bottom: Micheldever woods, Winchester, Cornwall, Cornwall (taken by me on previous excursions)

The English countryside holds a certain fascination for those of us who come from far flung countries like New Zealand or Borneo.  The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Literally. I guess for that reason, one can understand why the vegetation is so lush, thanks to the amount of rainfall that we get here in England. It's stuff that I used to read in Enid Blyton books with images of rolling hills, woods, country lanes, picnics and walks that often evoke a feeling of wonder for city folks like me.


Ever since we moved to Hampshire, I've been told by friends that there's a certain style pertaining to the area. Quilted shower proof jackets and wellies are common practical country clothing that I've adopted. As for the breton top? Well, I can't do without it. I've collaborated with Joules to come up with a collage which combined a wish list (handmade Chelsea boots from Northampton) and what I commonly wear when I'm out on a walk along the country lanes here. I couldn't resist adding a few cute pieces which I'd love to get for Lil L.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Joules.


  1. What lovely photos. Have you ever been to the Peak District? If you haven't, you'd love it. It's glorious at this time of year, and the bonus is lambing time!

    1. No, I haven't. Tell me more about the Peak District. Best time to go? Where are the most scenic places there? I've always wanted to go. As for lambing season....a friend roped me into helping him with lambing. Never EVER again.

    2. Ha ha! Don't help, just admire! Castleton, Bakewell, Matlock etc. Chatsworth House and gardens ( divine) Haddon Hall ( see any Jane Eyre film) Eyam the Plague Village, the Blue John caverns etc. I was going to say stay with me, but just realized we're strangers duh! Have a look on t'internet. You could stay in Sheffield, it's just 10 mins away and you get the benefit of a city. Otherwise many, many lovely villages!!

    3. LOLOL! I often say "stay with me" to a new friends and I probably scared them! Oh wow, thank you for all the info. I'm going to copy and paste your tips for future reference. I had no idea the Peak District is so close to Sheffield. I was there last year.

    4. I stopped myself just in case you thought I was a mad stalker! I feel as if I know you, but to you I could be an axe murderer. Anyway, please come and visit the Peaks. Ps I loved Borneo, but missed this area. Claire x

    5. Claire, feel free to flick me an email via I'll endeavor to look you up if we head up that way. I actually backpacked through various parts of Borneo and took many photos of the locals. I've never shared them here but perhaps I should one day.

    6. Please do. It was gorgeous, we loved it, the people were delightful and it was an adventure. Happy memories! See you soon. C

  2. Adore the yellow wellies for my little girl ....... perfect for us here in Lancashire countyside. x

    1. Same here. Mine outgrew hers so quickly. I've got to get another pair.

  3. Beautiful photos and I love your collage. Joules is a huge favourite of mine and perfect for stomping through the countryside xx

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! There are so much of England I haven't seen. One day......

  4. Ahh the chelsea boots, beautiful and the quality. I would love to be able to order them (although size 3 would be too large but hey they are boots! And gasp they ship international! This is my death.Ahem.
    Would you know if it exists in the UK a way to have goods sent to a special box, not at the post office, but a special area where you can collect it, either with a code or in a shop? As example, we have shops here that are "relay" to the items one can't risk to have delivered at home because one is not (working or else) and therefore can get later in exchange of a signature. Sorry my english is poor but do you see my point? I am on the hunt for good chelsea boots. And your pictures make me even more happy to come to England soon, even if I won't be able to go that far in the country.

    1. I've seen handmade boots from Northampton but most are really expensive. As in £300 upwards. I know what you're asking. Actually, there's a network of +Collect places, mostly news agencies, convenience stores etc where purchases and returns can be sent there. I don't think they offer this service outside of the UK though. Perhaps, it may be a good idea you have them shipped to your work?

  5. The fact that i hate cold and cannot stand it , it's the main reason why i could never be able to move in the countryside...
    but these photos are amazing!!!

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  6. These photos are beautiful Marlene! And I love the selected items, so classic and chic :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  7. I'm so glad to be home & seeing your beautiful photos makes me want to go running through the woods! I blame my bad eye sight on reading Enid Blyton non stop as a child! The Faraway Tree is my favourite! Ax

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