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Sunday, 30 March 2014
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Happy Mother's Day to all exhausted moms out there doing the very best they can in their most challenging and rewarding job on earth. I woke up to find a beautiful handmade card from Lil L, carefully placed next to me on the bed. I know I've featured this video here before but it needs to be seen again. Why? Because we are so hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for every little "failure" yet our kids see a completely different picture of us.

If you think your life lacks drama, perhaps this might jazz it up a bit.

10 famous bodies that look so different from their photoshopped selves.

I hate housework. Period. If you're like me and want to find shortcuts to make your life easier, then check out these 21 DIY cleaning tips.

Here's a remarkable story of a stray dog called Hero who'd saved a life.


  1. Loved the dog story. A friend of mine breeds English Shepherds (an old style collie dog) in this country and three of them are now doing search and rescue work.

  2. Thank you for this, I always enjoy your recommendations. The baking soda plus essential oil for the matress is genius! I think lavender would be suitably calming. Thanks. C x

  3. I devoured every single one of those 21 cleaning tips because I'm anal like that. Already knew the pet hair and rubber gloves one but I knew there was a use for all those old lemons but I couldn't remember what! But I can now.

  4. loved the cleaning tips. I am one of those types that scrub intensely until I remove the stain or grease. these tips should save my hands and arms...

  5. mothers day must be a diff date here in the states. that image is beautiful and i loved the cleaning tips! xO!


  6. The photography is epic, as usual, and is it wrong to love looking at cleaning tips? I am a bit sad like that. H xx

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