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Sunday 2 February 2014

We've been living like hermits this week with Lil L being sick. It doesn't help that the weather has been rather.......lacklustre (trying to be diplomatic rather than spewing out negative adjectives). We managed to console ourselves by eating like queens and princesses. The sliced peaches reminded me of the lovely sunshine in Provence. Le sighhhhh...... Speaking of south of France, here are 10 top villages you'll have to visit on your next trip there.

Anyhoo....moving forward onto more cheerful matters. I thought I'd share more interesting reads. I think women are hardest on themselves, particularly if you're a mom. You question yourself and beat yourself up for the littlest mistakes. Your kids, on the other hand, remember the love the radiates through your gestures and actions. Take a look at this video. It will inspire you to do your best and put a tear in your eye.

I think it's nuts that people have to queue up hours to get a cronut (did you like the pun?? sorry, I couldn't resist). But here's a recipe so give it a whirl and save yourself a fortune.

Fashion Week is upon us again. I don't know about you but I'm getting feeling more and more disinterested by the whole drama. Here's what Business of Fashion has to say about street style.


  1. Fashion week anywhere bores me rigid.
    Our winter has been so mild, we've been so lucky all the bad weather has gone south this year.

    1. You're so lucky this year. We've been having massive storms and rain. I'm just thankful we haven't been hit as bad as the people living in Somerset.

  2. I just don't care for fashion week anymore and haven't in a long time. I just see an increase in very stylish and tall people in the métro and in stores, lots of hubbub around some areas but it's like another world I'm not interested in. At all. I barely check what a handful of designers produced and that's about it.
    Cronuts have arrived in Paris apparently, like in 3 bakeries... But between the crêpes, galettes and cheesecakes I'll pass on that one. I have enough tasty calories intake already!

  3. I hope Lil L is feeling better, that bacon looks pretty good too! Oh fashion week. I was really excited about the Dunedin fashion week before I got here. Now that I'm here, I've looked up some of the Dunedin designers and some New Zealand ones (not talking Karen Walker etc). But nothing has really caught my eye, so I've decided to not go. Perhaps next year once I've become more familiar with the brands and designers. But disinterested is definitely the word for what I'm feeling at the moment.



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