10 Random Facts About Me

Wednesday 19 February 2014

sportswear copy
Outfit: Barbour parka (size UK 8), Isabel Marant x H&M sweatshirt (similar here), The Kooples sweat pants, New Balance sneakers, Hermes Cape Cod watch, Chanel sunglasses and Louis Vuitton Speedy 35cm.

1. I can’t look at reptile skin without shuddering. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hermes, Chanel or from a vintage store. 

2. I’ve never watched the famed Titanic movie.

3. I craved for sashimi when I was pregnant. The restaurants wouldn’t serve it to me so I used to sneak in and hide my tummy under the table. It worked twice before I got caught.

4. Nothing riles me faster than rude, pretentious, arrogant and patronizing people. This applies to kids too.

5. Growing up, my dad had a chauffeur that we used to call Uncle Tan. He gave us the BEST pets - a Siamese cat which I named Bimbo after a character from an Enid Blyton book (I found out later she was in fact a HE) and a beautiful terrier called Alby. I still miss them (including Uncle Tan) terribly to this day.

6. We once lived in an old stately colonial house near an area that saw heavy fighting during the Japanese Occupation. It was seriously, the scariest place we ever lived in. We used to get visits from vicious monkeys, scorpions, bats, cobras and deers. Did I mention that there was a cemetery nearby?

7. I’m obsessed with mangoes and melons. I can quite happily eat them everyday.

8. I’m allergic to housework but I can’t stand a messy house. 

9. I can get lost while looking at the GPS on my smartphone.

10. My current orchid is still alive after 4 months. In fact, I counted 18 new buds. #firstimeaplanthasntdiedonme.

p.s. Now's your turn. Tell me some random facts about you.


  1. I love these nosy parker posts! Hmm, me, hmm, I'm very territorial about my food, anyone who comes within an inch of my plate will be swiped back with a fork. I do however eat off other people's plates all the time.

    1. Boy, do I understand being territorial when it comes to food. I squirrel my food away in odd places so that no one ever finds packets of junk food. ALL MINE.

  2. I lived in the US and Japan but I have never been to the neighboring country of Spain. Also, I don't have my driver's license.

    1. I've lived in Malaysia and never even been to Thailand. For shame.

  3. Things that nobody wants to know about me:
    I've watched Titanic 3 times, but only bits of here and there. So until today, I am not exactly sure of their sequence of events, except the starting and the ending, sort of.
    I actually enjoy doing housework but can tolerate a messy (not dirty though) house.
    I have never owned a camera, ever.

    1. What???! No camera?? I will die if I don't have access to one.

  4. I love Mangoes too. And Rambutan. But can't find any decent ones here without paying a fortune (even that!).

    1. Tell me about it. I spend a fortune on a few measly mangoes. As for rambutans, it's like eating gold here in the UK

  5. This has got to be the cutest and most entertaining blog entry I've read anywhere in a long time.....

    I abhor housework, too, but adore doing laundry. Something about the soaps, smells, and the sorting and taking care of clothes/linens that appeals to me. I'm a HUGE addict of The Laundress products and the blog (which basically is about cleaning and laundry...LOL) (blushing)

    I couldn't live without dogs in my life but I'm deathly allergic to cats. As a result, I'm not that fond of them.

    I'm not afraid of rats, spiders, snakes,..... the usual. But giant Palmetto bugs terrify me.

    Flying also terrifies me. Truly. And I love to travel. One of the big paradoxes in my life.

    LOL at the sashimi craving! For me it was Gorgonzola. I would eat it plain out of the package. Bad, I know, for a pregnant woman. And I hated Gorgonzola before I got pregnant. Have loved it to this day since....

    Re #4. Yup.... and you just perfectly described my ex-husband and his new wife.....

    I just saw Titanic again last night. For what must be the hundredth time... Still love it. (blushing again)
    Give in Marlene......

    1. Ok Maria, I'm going to get you to do my laundry. I detest laundry, washing machine, detergent, folding clothes, ironing.... you get my point.


    2. Deal! Ironing isn't included, though :) . I don't have the patience.. Hanging and steaming only for me.

    3. Darn it. Ironing is THE pits. Would gladly get on my hands and knees and bow if anyone offers to do it. Still can't believe there are people out there who loves doing laundry. MAD.

  6. I watch murder mysteries everyday. It's how I de-stress after work, and I can remember every story just by seeing the person's face. My boyfriend makes fun of me, but I also think he's a little scared. :) And I hoard pads of paper. Whenever I go into a store and see them I get excited and then have to tell myself you already have quite a few at home. I don't necessarily like using them though.

    I'm now acutely aware of how symptomatic I may look at the moment.

    1. Aliya, I can't stop chuckling. Glad to know that there are others who are quirkier than me :P

    2. Well Marlene, I feel very honored to be able to provide that sense of comfort for you. :)

    3. hahaha...Aliya, you certainly do that. I'll be sure to bring a stack of paper if we ever get the chance to meet up (and wear a mask).

  7. I don't post as you know M but this is way too tempting not to! So here's some random things about me.

    1. I don't share this very often....but I have a complete aversion to buttons and watches. From a very early age I had a strong revulsion of them....and never ever worn either.

    2. Cheese and fruit over pudding every time.

    3. I once held onto a 'wee' for 12 hours, all the way from Derry to Dublin (4hrs) to see U2 in concert, after which I ran 20 mins to catch the bumpiest bus ride home ever. By the time I got back at 4am I couldn't go for half an hour. Ouch.

    4. Climbing Mount Sinai overnight to watch the sunrise over Saudi Arabia was one of the most magical moments of my life.

    5. I hated gardening as a child, only to discover as the owner of my first garden that I actually love it...the most theaupeutic pastime.

    6. My grandmother taught me to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat. (Secretly I am ridiculously competitive when I play any sport or games..Even Trivial Pursuit. My kids don't stand a chance at snap - well you've got to teach them to be gracious right?)

    7. I can't stand bad table manners. My mother always says....good table manners will take you anywhere. She's right

    8. My two favourite films are Local Hero and The Quiet Man. (Watch these - don't bother with Titanic)

    9. I turn into a monster when I drink white wine.

    10. I'm really a frustrated creative....and hoping I'm over halfway through my artist's block. Its been 15 years now.

  8. Snap on a cat called Bimbo, name sourced from Enid Blyton. She was a little tabby. Went missing one sad day. Left us and our yellow labrador - Shortbread ( non-EnidB) very bereft.

  9. That was my favourite book as a child, I have my mum's original copy!! I also had cat that we thought was a she and turned out to be a he, although she wasn't call Bimbo!

    Five Minute Style

  10. I was scared of flushing the toilet as a kid [I thought I’d get sucked in].

    I used to hate cheese. As a kid, I use to pick it out of all my food. Now, me + cheese are okay.

    My eyes got watery watching the first Pokemon movie. … not my finest moment.

    My friends and family call me a human compass/map. I’m about 90% accurate in finding the right direction.

    1. Nancy, I need someone like you when I'm traveling. I ALWAYS get lost even if I've walked the same path several times before.

  11. I have high attention to detail and a fairly good memory. My friends joke that I have a secret dossier of them somewhere. ;) Before the days of mobile phones, I used to remember my friends' numbers, addresses, and birthdays!

    I love wrapping gifts! (You already know that, though. Heh.)

  12. 4.Nothing riles me faster than rude, pretentious, arrogant and patronizing people. This applies to kids too.
    THIS. I would say "narrow-minded" is a big one for me.

    Um, ok, random facts. Hum. I lived on a Native American/Indian reservation when I was younger (mom is an anthropologist).
    I love to read, but often prefer kids/young adult favorite books since I was 5 years old have been the Dark is Rising series.
    In my "other" life, I'd want to be an EDM dj...except I don't like to stay up late :)



  13. (1) I climbed Mt Kinabalu but had to stop (approx. an hour away from the peak) due to friend having alleged altitude sickness (I think he lied coz he's fit and he's sympathy seeking). I found out later he liked me, but I don't :( Anyway, till this day I could so KILL him coz I was so near the peak! Bah-humbug!!

    (2) I cycled across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Most beautiful experience ever and even more profound is Sausalito, a quaint, beautiful and tranquil village which was an unexpected find. Wished I knew beforehand so I can stay a night, or two or forever! future retirement plan :)

    (3) My bro and I witnessed the wing on our plane being struck by lightning. Despite knowing the fact that it's a common phenomena it was still scary nevertheless as the plane lost power/altitude temporarily and our cabin blacked out. Bro and I were still geeky teenagers then, and just prior to the lightning strike, we both turned our heads to see dark clouds outside the window when, ka-pow, lightning struck our plane. I remember telling my dad that I saw lightning striking our plane. My dad was a bit green by then.

    (4) My late grandmother made me hit/kill baby snakes as a child. I 'chickened' out after two to three whacks and up till this day, I have a morbid fear of snakes regardless whether they're poisonous or not!

    (5) My bro and I got into a fight as young children when I accidentally whacked him in the face! He started to bruise and was about to cry and I panicked. I threatened that should he tell Mom I will bruise the other side of his face!! How horrible of me. Eeks!

    (6) I'm always the one suggesting new and interesting things to somewhat disinterested friends. They're the ones that enjoy my suggestions the most (their actions and delighted faces say it all)! Alas, I'm the one that enjoys it the least! For example, stand up comedies. My very reluctant (and somewhat a bore and geeky) friend didn't want to go to one and I really wanted to go. Out of obligation (or whatever) we both agreed to go. In the end, guess who enjoyed it the most ? My guy friend did! To the extent that he had one hand pointing at the comedian, laughing loudly and the other hand smacking his thighs in delight!! Urgh......Btw I didn't quite like it coz the comedian used too much foul language towards the end of the show -_-

    (7) I dislike arrogance and rude people too. I once told a waiter at a fine dining restaurant that I wanted a booth seat. He looked at me and walked away without letting me know whether I can have one! To top it all, I was really nice, polite and friendly when I asked for one! >_<. Alfred's Steak House in San Francisco, big Boooooo............

    (8) I've experienced 45C temperature. It. Was. Sizzling-Hot. Eeks!

    (9) I love clam chowder soup! :)

    (10) I'm a beauty junkie. My friends always exit from my bathroom in horror when they see the amount of beauty products near my sink :) I'm proud of it :)


  14. Ooh I love posts like this Marlene, I'm so nosy (in a nice way). Mine are:

    - I definitely have OCD tendencies and drive my family mad
    - I adore Columbo films
    - I make amazing Yorkshire Puddings (well I am originally from Yorkshire)
    - I sing in the shower every day

    Donna x



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