Q & A: Carin Olsson of Paris In Four Months

Tuesday 14 January 2014
Despite being only 22, Carin's poise, maturity and talent belied someone at least a decade older. Her determination to strike it out on her own and take a leap of faith by moving to Paris where she knew no one nor did she even speak a smidgeon of the language has paid off. Her Instagram followers are well over in 6 figure digits (increasing by the minute as I'm typing out this post). She's on Buzzfeed's list of 23 Instagrams To Follow To Travel the world in 2014, worked with Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper , published in fashion magazines and online publications as well as collaborated with other bloggers. I managed to catch up with her in London late last year while she was in between appointments. Without much ado, here's a Q & A session with Carin.

1. Name and occupation
Carin Olsson. I’m a freelance photographer (and sometimes writer as well).

2. Your favorite food
Oh gosh, this is like choosing your favourite parent (or child if you have any of those). I might have to go with a really yummy risotto though. Or pizza. Or lobster roll. Or a delicious hamburger. You see? It’s impossible for me to choose.

3. Craziest thing you ever did
Moving to Paris without knowing a single soul, the language or having any sort of idea about where it would take me.

4. Favorite cities
Rome, New York and Paris. So far.

5. Best Fashion Week moment
Having to pinch myself because I just kissed Roberto Cavalli on the cheek while visiting his showroom in Milan. 

6. 5 favorite items in your closet 
- Striped top from J.Crew 
- Purse from Salvatore Ferragamo 
- Earrings from Swarovski 
- Pyjamas from Oysho 

7. 5 most asked questions on your blog/Instagram
- What camera do you use?
- How do you edit your photos?
- I want to move to Paris. How do I do it?
- Where should I stay/eat/drink/sleep while in Paris?
- What do you work with?

8. Your favorite haunts in Paris
My new favourite place for a special treat has to be "Des Gateaux et du Pain”, I love having a cup of coffee at Ten Belles and stop by Verjus Wine Bar when I’m in the mood for a yummy lunch. Saint Germain and the Marais (predictable, but true) are two of my favourite neighbourhoods to take a stroll in and when the weather gets better you’ll find me on a picnic blanket in Jardin du Luxembourg. Or along the Seine.

9. How did your interest in photography started? What do you shoot with?
I’ve always thought it was fun taking photos but I guess it really started once I moved to Paris. I had promised myself to walk around and take photos when I arrived in Paris so that I could share them with my family back home (it was actually sort of a strategy as well so that I wouldn't feel too lonely when strolling around the city myself). I started realising that I really enjoyed myself and last year (2013) I decided that it was so much fun I actually wanted to do it as a profession everyday as well.

I currently have a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

10. How many languages do you speak?
I guess I’d say two and a half since I don’t speak that good French just yet. So Swedish and English, and a tiny bit of French.

11. 3 things you can’t live without
My phone, my camera and my loved ones.

12. Best advice you’ve been given
Do what you love.

You can check out more of Carin's beautiful snapshots on her blog - Paris In Four Months


  1. great post, an interesting read!
    i love her instagram

  2. Love this post! I'm a religious reader of Paris In Four Months!


  3. I love her and this is going to be one of my new blogs!!

  4. Woow amazing !
    I like it :)
    Kisses <3

  5. And she's only 22? She has packed so much in and so brave to make such a big step so young in her life.

  6. She's so talented it is ridiculous, and I'm so surprised to learn that she is only 22!

  7. Nice post! I'd enjoyed reading it and was inspired about that Paris thingy :)

  8. Great interview and what a beautiful pictures! She's so talented and it's inspiring how she took the plunge and moved to Paris! She does sound very mature for 22. I will definitely start following her blog.

  9. Gorgeous feature. Completely love her photography and it's such a great story behind her move to Paris! xx

  10. I am in love with her photography!

    Five Minute Style 

  11. She is such an inspiring person! Her story and her photos and my new experience in Paris make me feel encouraged to improve my fashion blog!!

    So nice tofind your blog!!

  12. She's one of the loveliest and talented person I ever met at LFW, can't wait to see her again in London.
    Great interview!

  13. i love the photos she does for garypepper - how inspiring!

    steph /

  14. hey i browsed through her insta and i think your pictures are way better than hers.js my opinion :)

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