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Sunday, 26 January 2014

A designer bag is a rather hefty purchase these days with prices rising faster than inflation. Here's a guide to buying a forever bag.

Cooking is usually a chore especially when you've had a long and tiring day at work. Here's a one pan salmon dish which gives you a large dose of necessary omega along with healthy carbs and plenty of veggies. Best of all, it's so easy to make and requires little cooking know-how.

Ever wonder how dogs and cats teach their young? Well, here's a hilarious example.

Getting on the underground (tube) in London isn't most people's idea of fun but a prankster (or two) has liven things up a bit by replacing the signs with these fake ones. Check this out for a giggle.

Those of you who travel a lot will understand how easy it is to get into a rather iffy situation when words get lost in translation.

If you're a bargain hunter, here are some helpful tips on how to shop and survive a sample sale.


  1. Loved M's guide to buying a forever handbag - she has such a gorgeous collection!

  2. you always have the best photos, srsly.



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