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Monday 16 December 2013
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When it comes to fashion, I go through various sartorial phases. The sweatshirt, sweatpants, boyfriend jeans, wedge trainers etc etc. *ahem* If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll notice this rather strange tendency of mine. Over the past few years, I was all about plain sweaters. Understated. Simple. Classic. yada yada yada. And then I realize......what happens when I remove my coat or blazer? All I'm left with is a plain top. Borrrrrring.

I'm so used to being a wallflower at any gatherings that I've started to dress accordingly too. Nothing too showy that'll draw attention to the wearer. But now......the more I see statement sweaters, the more I'm captivated by them. They're striking whether you dress them up (tailored masculine coat) or down (parka). Swap your boots for a sleek pair of heels and you're ready for a more dressy event. I'm not crazy about psychedelic prints but geometric patterns with no more than 3 colors are still edgy without being overly trendy.

I rarely feature sweaters here which aren't made of natural fibers. I have an aversion to high percentage of acrylic in knitwear particularly when I'm seeing sweaters made of natural fibers cost the same or less. I'm staying away from angora fur for now particularly after seeing that horrendous video on how they physically pluck the hair from a rabbit.  It's so different from how the fur is obtained in New Zealand.


  1. Sigh....I love them all. I think I have a mix of both plain and statement, although most of my statement sweaters are animal prints

  2. Ah, these pictures are awesome. The first one of Taylor is my favourite. Absolutely loving statement knitwear as well. The plaid Stella number is at the top of my wish list! xx

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