Christmas Gift Guide

Tuesday 10 December 2013

What I truly dread about Christmas shopping.........well, other than the crazed looks on fellow shoppers' eyes, is buying the wrong gifts. It's difficult to shop for someone else unless they tell you exactly what they want. I've finally worked out that there are things that people want or need but they will never in a million years get it for themselves. Yes, strange but that theory also applies to me. Right, let's get started on the Christmas shopping list.

1. Skross Universal travel adapter £16.49
I know tons of people who travel a lot. In fact, air fares are so affordable these days that most people are hopping between continents more than ever. What I'm often amazed is how few actually have the right adapters. With the amount of electronic gadgets we're relying on these days, the travel adapter is singularly the most important thing to bring on your journey (well, other than passport and money). Instead of carrying several, get a universal adapter that also doubles as a USB charger.

2. Monica Vinader personalized jewelry (£30 upwards)
It doesn't matter how expensive your jewelry is but the one that holds the most sentimental value is cherished and worn more than the rest. A bracelet or pendant that comes with a personalized engraving, even if it's a simple message "My mom, my heroine" will be treasured forever.

3. Wedgewood teacup set  £40
I've noticed friends subtly choosing the prettiest teacups whilst pushing the plainer ones aside whenever they come around for coffee. Funnily enough, it took ages for me to take the plunge and buy a set. They're not even that horrendously expensive but pretty teacups and saucers are infinitely popular amongst dedicated tea and coffee drinkers.

4. Anker battery charger   £25.99
I get asked A LOT about my Anker battery charger. In fact, I've had several who breathed a sigh of relief when I produced mine. It's interesting how panic inducing a smartphone with no juice can be. Mine gives 4 full charges and has two USB ports which means it can charge two gadgets simultaneously.

5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren cashmere touch screen gloves  £35
While we're on the topic of smartphones, it is a pain in the arse having to put on and remove my gloves every time I needed to text or check my emails. I never understand the appeal of fingerless gloves especially when it's cold outside. Warm palm and frostbitten fingers?? Surprisingly, cashmere touch screen gloves are remarkably inexpensive but very much needed during the colder months.

6. Moleskin plain paper journals  £13.50
I thought I would never ever have to rely on a notebook after getting my Samsung Galaxy Note phone that came with a stylus pen. Wrong! Sometimes the darn thing wouldn't save and there's only so much you can write on a gadget no bigger than my small hand. And all that faffing about trying to find the &$^&@###!! folder I'd saved the documents into. These plain paper journals from Moleskin are still luxurious without the price tag of an Hermes refill.

7. Johnstons cashmere shawl   £85
The way I've been banging on about Scottish cashmere, you'd think that I have a serious addiction to the fiber. Well,'re right. No one in their right mind will ever turn down a cashmere scarf especially when we're heading into the deep freeze at the moment. Johnstons manufactures cashmere garments for a number of luxury brands but if you're not fussed about having a branded scarf, these ones are fantastic for the price you pay. 

8. J.Crew pajamas  $95
Most of us live in our PJs when we're at home. They're worn more than anything in your closet. And if you're ever bored out of your mind and want to calculate the cost per wear......... It's also the one thing that we rarely want to splurge but delighted to receive as a gift provided the PJs don't have reindeer prints all over. 

9. iPad mini   £269
The tablet wars have begun. But nothing beats an iPad mini which is small enough to cart around everywhere. If you've pissed off someone you dearly love and want to get into their good books again, present them with an iPad mini. If you want to be your nieces' or nephews' favorite aunt? Give them an iPad mini. I think you've got the point.

10. Globe-Trotter trolley suitcase   £840
If you're feeling particularly generous and want to splurge for a person that's difficult to buy for, a Globetrotter suitcase is a pretty good choice. It's rare, eye catching, luxurious and classy. Most importantly, it can be used again and again for decades.

11. Diptyque candle  £40
A scented candle is always a splurge. Therefore, we never ever buy one for ourselves even if we cold afford it. It's like burning money but no one has ever said no to a Diptyque candle. You'll be sure it'll stay on the mantelpiece after it's been photographed and Instagrammed only a million times.

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  1. I love my Globe - Trotter cases, they are looking a bit knackered now but they have been whizzing everywhere with me for yonks. And I burn Diptyque's Myrrhye every December - loves!

  2. Love this gift guide. My family always gives new pajamas on Christmas eve and I always ask for a pair from J.Crew. I'm actually wearing a pair of flannel snowflake covered ones right now! Totally agree that we all spend so much time in our pjs - it's definitely worth investing in a really cozy pair! xx

  3. I love this gift guide! I love how simple it is and also with gifts that most people would love to receive, I know I'd would be more then happy with any one of these items. Very helpful, I always love coming to your blog Marlene :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. Brilliant list - I'm tempted to email this post directly to my boyfriend!

  5. Love your picks! I splurged on a black and cream check Johnstons cashmere stole while in Scotland and I absolutely adore it! I was wearing it last night over my PJs! It's California cold here...tee heee

  6. Pretty teacups! I'd love to receive that for Xmas. :D

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