Vibrant colors of autumn

Monday 18 November 2013

My brother has been in the U.K for a couple of weeks for work. I took the rare opportunity to indoctrinate him to the English way of life. First up, the pub. Well actually, he discovered T.K Maxx first and has been stockpiling enough clothes and toys for his kids till they reach adulthood. Anyway, back to the food. He's been fed the Sunday roast, tried yorkshire pudding for the first time, had the best Indian curry in town shoved down his throat..... I think you're getting the picture. Asian hospitality means that you force feed your guests until their arteries are clogged with 2 extra layers of fat and then you roll them off to the airport.

I may live in one of the prettiest medieval towns in England but 90% of the time, I'm indoors pounding away on the keyboard. A little like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, peering out of the darkness every now and then to show everyone that I'm still well and alive. Having my brother around gave me an excuse to put aside the electronic gadget that's permanently attached to my fingers (aka laptop) and explore my backyard.


  1. So funny and so true - what is it with the Chinese that you have to make sure people are well fed at all times even if they've only eaten 5 mins ago?

    I'm sure your brother was fully enriched by the whole experience. The pub and a curry - you're a fully fledge Brit now!

    1. Sue, me thinks it would be the postulate

      1. You shall feed your guests until their stomachs burst.

      Which is closely followed by:

      2. You will bring shame to your family in case anyone learns that you did not force feed your guests every 5 minutes because it means you are a bad host and the neighbors would be appalled.

      Or something similar. Am not Asian, but Eastern European and we are the same here :)

      I thought about it a little bit - my parents are a post war generation and there wasn't much when they were growing up (that is why come winter time if there aren't a half of cow and a whole pig stashed in the freezer the general mode is omgeveryonepanicwewillgohungry), but they were taught to share what little they had with anyone who might come for a visit. And now we have to carry the torch?

      Having said that, we are bad but - I dare you to say you can't eat anymore to a Polish mum :) The half heart broken-half disappointed look is a thing of beauty. Made me finish both brussles sprouts AND a blood sausage which under normal circumstances I would never eat :)

    2. Mwahahahahaha.... you're hilarious! I simply could not stop laughing reading this. This should've gone on the post itself.

  2. St Catherine's Hill if I'm not mistaken!

  3. Wow gorgeous!! Glad u got to spend time w your brother and get away frm that laptop! :)

  4. Oh wow that first photo is gorgeous, such lovely colours. It's got really cold today x



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