Dayre Challenge

Friday 8 November 2013

After nearly breaking my back lugging around my camera gear recently, I've been wondering what it's like to shoot entirely with my smartphone. The challenge is in seeing the extraordinary in the everyday mundane life, to capture moments in a quick tap of my fingertip and the ability to share the images with everyone. I've been invited to participate in the 6 week Dayre challenge which will run until 20th December. I'll be posting 4-5 entries each day.

It's a micro-blogging tool with plenty of photos and fewer words. I'm 1 of 30 bloggers (or otherwise known as alpha seeders, a fancy word that I've only just discovered. Try using it for scrabble!) who will be up for this challenge to test the Dayre app while it's in beta mode. If you're up to trying out a new social media, albeit one with plenty of cute stickers for you to paste to your heart's content, look me up here You can also download the app for free here if you've got an Android phone or Apple Store if you have an iPhone.

**Post sponsored by Dayre


  1. You are so good with the camera Marlene, I always enjoy browsing your images. I'm yet to even venture onto Instagram, so I need to master that first! Looking forward to seeing more from you for the challenge x

  2. Sounds pretty interesting! I've clicked over so I'll be keeping an eye on what you post x

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge! I always love your photography, so will have a look at your postings for Dayre! Good luck!

  4. Oh poor you on the milk tea!! I hope you get a really good place soon - does your local spot have taro flavor? That is my favorite :)

    1. They have the taro flavor. I only wish they have a few branches spread out all over England.



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