Best Deals on Black Friday

Friday 29 November 2013
I've been rendered useless over the past couple of days by the dazzling sales that's going on at the moment. Who am I to complain when it's making my Christmas shopping a lot cheaper compared to last year. I guess the trick is to buy things that you'll wear often. I find myself wearing more of my sweaters instead of that pretty dress which I'd bought for a special occasion. Matches Fashion is offering a 30% discount on their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection (use promo code SF785XE or BLKFR30) and Net-a-Porter in the US has slashed most of their stock by 50%. If you're a fan of ASOS, use promo code GIMME20 to shave 20% off your purchases. Happy shopping!


  1. I wish I could say that I've been Christmas shopping for other people, but sadly not. I was supposed to start my shopping-for-myself ban last week, but every day brings some other wonderful sale and I find just "one more thing" I have to get (even on Thanksgiving, when I claimed to be horrified by all of the stores that are open and how horribly commercial it is).

    1. I don't mind sales before Christmas but I'd rather the shops aren't open during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Waiting another day to nab a bargain won't make a difference. I don't recall UK having black Friday sales last year. If we did, I was obviously unaware of it.

  2. Great selection Marlene. I'm going to ignore the sales have started.



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