New Love - Dylan Kain

Monday 30 September 2013

I have to thank my chic friend, Mandi for the introduction. It always makes me feel oddly proud whenever an Antipodean succeeds overseas. Dylan Kain premier accessories line was only launched late last year. It is the collaborative effort of two sisters - Bonnie Davis (music DJ turned fashion designer) and Whitney Gilmore. Here's a part Aussie part New Yorker brand that's setting the hearts of ladies around the world aflutter with their classic with a naughty rocker vibe handbag collection.

My first love is handbags. Nothing makes my heart palpitate at a super sonic staccato beat (not even Red Bull) than the sight of a beautiful handbag. I'm also impressed with their price point. Let's face it, in the world of over-inflated/subpar quality handbags, it's actually refreshing to see affordable bags that look......well, expensive.

I've got my eye on the Birkin belt as well as The Wax and The Ryder duffel bags. I'm bummed that the last 2 are sold out nearly everywhere. You can keep an eye on their website or if you're in New Zealand, superette. My brother's coming over to the U.K for a visit. He doesn't know it yet but it's time to stock up HIS suitcase with MY things. If you have a few minutes handy, do check out an interview with Bonnie Davis at Otis & Otto.


  1. I've been seeing Dylan Kain bags popping around ever since Rumi first got her hands on one. That Ryder bag. Which, I have to say, is something I feel like I could use in my life. We have a Superette in Wellington but they only stock Dylan Kain in Auckland so I'm going ot have to check them out in person next time I'm up there...

    1. Do let me know what you think about the bags. I'm going to ask my brother/sister in law if they can help me get their hands on one.

  2. A heads up Marlene, the Dylan Kain website will have more in stock of the bags within the next few weeks. They are absolute sweethearts there and so helpful. I actually emailed them to get mine and they were so helpful.

    I actually saw their bags years ago and I forgot the name. So glad to spot them by accident a few weeks back. Super cute and really well made.



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