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Monday 26 August 2013

I can't believe we've been in Nice for nearly a week now. It's hot but not unbearably so, thanks to the gentle breeze from the sea. Sunbathing isn't my kind of thing and swimming in the sea when I can't see the bottom scares the crap out of me. BUT.....there's something magical gazing at the sunset by the beach and strolling down the busy promenade in the evening.


Yesterday, I managed to convince the husband and Lil L to walk down the long stretch of the Promenade des Anglaise in the hot afternoon sun to Le Port where the gazillionaires park their super yachts and fly in via helicopter. We collapsed at an Irish pub (it's a familiar life source) and parked our derrières outside only to discover an hour later that they have lovely A/C inside along with free wi-fi. Pfffffft. We each whipped out our electronic gadgets and instagrammed (me)/youTubed (Lil L) /emailed (hubs) like mad. I know....pretty sad. My name is Marlene. I'm an internet addict. It has been 4 hours and 25 minutes since I last logged in.

Along the way, we managed to get an eyeful of topless ladies going about their suntanning routine. I blushed and turned my head so quickly, I nearly got myself a whiplash. I guess perky or not, there's no shame in letting them all hang loose.


See those tomatoes in the photo? Yes, €14.95 a kilo. I was the idiot who bought 4 tomatoes for €5.45. 4 tomatoes!! You'd think they have been infused with edible diamonds or something similar. They tasted......b l a n d. The next day, I went to the local supermarket and bought a punnet of the incredibly sweet cherry tomatoes for €2.25. Expensive doesn't mean good. Lesson learned.


An Hermes Kelly, a cute dog, Hermes Oran sandals and a panama could I not covertly photograph this elegant lady? Panama hats and St Tropez leather sandals are a must here. The general (totally generalizing here) fashion sense in Nice is poles apart from Paris. Colors. Lots of colors. And whites. And tight, tight, tight. Low down the front (it's all about the cleavage) and bottoms get shorter and the two shall meet somewhere in the middle.


I enjoy cooking especially when there's plenty of fresh produce. We've been eating in more often than out. I adore popping down to the local boulangerie everyday for my crusty bread and the grocer who stocks incredible cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables. I thought I'd try figs, ricotta and walnuts, drizzled with local Provençal lavender honey (thank you Amanda for the inspiration). Divine! I've got a ton of photos that I can't wait to share. We're off to explore other parts of the French Riviera tomorrow.


  1. agree with sooae, you are an amazing photographer! fingers crossed Nice will be on my itinerary next year, it's always been one of my dream places. enjoying these pics - keep em coming! x

    steph /

    1. I sure will, Steph. You'll be bored with thousands of photos. There are tons that I haven't posted yet. Nice is a great place to base yourself as it's easier to get around from here to all the other towns.

  2. As others have said, your photos are simply amazing! I noticed that you mentioned cooking and eating in, so are you staying in a rented flat? Would you mind sharing about your accommodations upon your return? I have a 2 year old daughter and I dream of travelling with her when she's older. But I know travelling with kids is another ball game, so I'd love more tips from you. I know you've posted before about your travels, so I'm off to search for those posts!

    1. Hi Aly, I'm more than happy to give you ideas about accommodation though I can't really recommend the one I'm in at the moment. I started traveling with my daughter when she was 3 months old and we did apartment, B&B and hotel. It was far easier renting an apartment so we don't have to get out at a certain time for housekeeping. We usually get tired of looking for food by day 3 so having a kitchenette helps a lot. If you're coming to Nice, I would suggest you find an apartment close to bus stops or within walking distance to city center, the beach or Vieux Nice (old town). Definitely make sure it's off a busy street (so noisy here!) or at least on the first floor and has A/C because it can get stifling hot. If you're worried about mosquitoes (my daughter's allergic to mozzie bites), pop into the local supermarket and get mozzie repellent that plug into a power jack.

      St Paul de Vence has incredible apartments for a lot cheaper than Nice (you get more bang for your buck) but it's not a good base if you want to travel around French Riviera.

    2. Thanks so much for the all the tips, Marlene! I'm sorry that your Nice accommodation isn't quite up to snuff but hope your next stop will be much better. Can't wait for the next installment of your travelogue. :)

    3. My pleasure, Aly. The accommodation isn't bad but the apartments in central location tend to get booked up months and months in advance. I left it till pretty late. Lesson learned!

  3. Thank you, Sooae! I was worried as the photos didn't turn out as well as I hoped so thank you for the kind words. You'll love the French Riviera! It's such a shame that you live so far from me :(

  4. Love all of your pictures!

  5. Happy birthday Marlene

    Can i just say that this post is all sorts of torture??? Just the mention of the boulangerie makes me miss my time in Togo. Enjoy your time in France :)

    xo Stephanie

  6. What beauty and fun! Enjoy your holiday - wish I was there!

  7. Fab piccies are usual. Isn't Nice nice? people in London were always slagging it off so i was quite surprised when I got there to find how lovely it was - and I loved that Pablo Picasso Museum (shoot now I'm wondering if that museum was in Nice, brain fade) Anyways I'm sure those tommies had the elixir of youth in them at that price!

    1. Oh and happy birthday Marlene ...and it just occurred to me - are you named after Marlene D?

    2. I think my mother was hopeful by naming me after a saint (or something like that). These days when people ask how I spell my name, I just tell them it's exactly like Marlene Dietrich. Hmm...I think there's one near Nice - Antibes to be exact. I went there 16 years ago. Some of the paintings were rather disturbing! I LOVE Nice! I think I'll need to make a yearly pilgrimage.



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