Shorts 2 Ways - Smart and Casual

Tuesday 23 July 2013
Outfit: Hackett panama hat (similar here and here), 3.1 Phillip Lim top, Anthropologie shorts (similar on sale here), Marni sandals, Hermes Cape Cod watch, Chanel WOC and Chanel sunglasses.

Outfit: Hackett panama hat (similar here and here), Chanel sunglasses, Isabel Marant linen top, 7FAM shorts (DIY), Hermes Cape Cod watch, K.Jacques Picon sandals and Barbour shopping tote.

I've come to the realization that one has to have an exceptionally thick skin, preferably like those of an elephant if you want to pose in the middle of a busy street. I get plenty of curious looks from passersby and then inadvertently, a few friends will stroll past (the cons of living in a small town). The great thing about my English friends is that they're always too polite to ask even if they're absolutely dying to. Meanwhile I'm standing on the street looking like a deer caught in the headlights with my teeth bared trying to summon yet another fake smile, hoping I don't pass out from the lack of oxygen as I'm sucking my tummy in. Ahh....the weird things one does in the name of blogging.

Lately, I'm taking the opportunity to wear every dress and shorts I've managed to unearth from my closet like every sane person living in the UK. Every week, we wait with bated breath to check the weather forecast for the following 7 days. Totally anal but hey, when you're deprived of something, you crave for it even more.

Being the lazy dresser that I am, I just dress my shorts up or down depending on what I'm doing for the day. I went a little crazy with amassing an enviable plain t-shirt collection in the colder months so I'm into statement tops now. Anything with details as long as it's black and not psychedelic looking. I'm still somewhat allergic to colors. My 3.1 Phillip Lim silk top has served me well over the last 5-6 years. More importantly, it makes me feel more ladylike than I actually am.

Regardless of my somewhat harsh reviews, I'm still enamored with most Isabel Marant Etoile clothes as they're just so practical and chic. The 100% linen top I'm wearing in the second photo was a good buy and gets plenty of wear. By the way, it's a LARGE (what the *£&@##!!!) and I usually wear US 2/4 or UK 8. If that doesn't make me feel a little fat.......!!

My new Panama hat stays firmly on my head because I've got enough freckles as it is despite slathering on SPF 70. Pfffft...!  (And eeeeeks! I only saw the gazillion bruises on my legs after the pictures were taken. Le sigh. I have the remarkable ability to walk into things. Always.)

**Happy Birthday & lots of kisses to Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb. She's 41 years young! Thank you for selecting me as one of your 12 lammies


  1. Very nice outfit!!

    I follow you on twitter!!

    kisses from Spain

  2. that Phillip Lim top is too cute!

  3. You suit hats SO much - I am very jealous!
    Love those sandals and both looks are fantastic on you!


  4. Marlene, you never fail to make me laugh ;-)

  5. Marlene, I simply adore coming to your blog and seeing your chic looks, beautiful photos and even more so, having a read of what you've got to say, as that always brings me a chuckle. I am so in love with that 3.1 Phillip lim top, everything about is beautiful and that Panama hat is perfect! I often do wonder if taking photos in the street will ever become less awkward but i'm still not sure! I think the only consolation is that pretty much all bloggers go through the same thing, though I do believe us small town girls have it harder! Haha, yes just hand me over the violin! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  6. Lovely looks Marlene - you're handling this summer dressing far better than me.

  7. That post has made me smile, posing for the photos does nt come naturally to me that 3.1 top x ps thank for the tip on snipping my DIY cut offs, think it might do the trick.

  8. Love the image of you standing in the street while your friends pass by silently, mine would be like WTF?! I can't do outside shots, waaaaaaaay to embarrassing for me, so fair play to u! Lovely looks btw, I need to get me one of those hats! X

  9. Oh you got the WOC!!!! It is gorgeous in red! I got a black one and I think I will use it a lot. It is such a versatile little bag. Cheers, Linda

  10. LOL you crack me up! I find the same thing with Isabel Marants clothing. I bought a jacket (which sadly has gotten much wear) and it's a UK12! I usually wear a UK8.. so I get what you mean.
    Love that PL top by the way, absolutely stunning!

  11. I live in shorts in summer, and did the same cut offs that you did. Love seeing the WOC on you in such a bright and cheerful color!

  12. Love your Summer outfits, Marlene!!

    Such a chic mama:)

  13. Nice to see you getting around in short Marlene! I know. The IM sizing is outrageous. It makes it so difficult to buy items which is the worst. Enjoy the sunshine.

    - Mandi

  14. LOVE the "smart" look! Very chic. Personally I look horrible in shorts but you look great! I hear you on the standing in the middle of the street with tummy sucked in part. I do that too. What we do for our blogs!

  15. Love both looks! So chic and I especially love that IM shirt, but the sizing is just such a pain in the ass!



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