Pass It Forward: 3 Malaysians

Friday 19 July 2013
Mandy of Mandy Faith

Mandy is a 20 year old student from Malaysia who is currently studying in the UK. Despite being only 20, she has a legion of fans on her Instagram account (107,000 and counting). It's not surprising at all seeing that she has an incredible eye for composing beautiful pictures. The photos have an ethereal and dreamy feel to them which transport you to a fantasyland albeit for a few minutes.

Karen of Citrus and Candy

While Karen isn't technically a Malaysian, she was born in London to Malaysian Chinese parents and grew up in Australia. A long time ago, you have those who can cook and those who can photograph. These days, there are rare individuals like Karen who is self taught, cooks and bakes like a professional and photographs like a.....well, professional. Her blog is a gastronomic paradise for those of you who appreciate food.

Joyce of Kinky Blue Fairy

Recently, I was given a list of Malaysian blogs to read. I was hooked on Joyce's whose blog is like a personal journal documenting her trips and life. In fact, I later found out that Joyce is incredibly well known in Malaysia. To my surprise, we have a mutual friend whom I've known from the early days in New Zealand. It's a VERY small world indeed. Her posts are often funny and totally honest. No holds barred!


  1. Love Joyce's blog and have been following for a long time now. Love her positivity and energy. :)

  2. Love Joyce's quirkiness, very refreshing. And Karen's a supertalented girl.

  3. It's such a surprise to see the feature! Thank you so much <3

  4. ahh fab blogs! Thanks for sharing :)

    Hannah xx

  5. Ahhh...I was following Kinky Blue Fairy for a few years a while back..!!!

  6. oh its Gary here.....aka Doc Freakenstein...dun ask....

  7. ha you have another mutual friend - joyce is a media darling in kl! and i read karen's blog fanatically being in sydney.. there's another malaysian food blogger in sydney you'll like - ;)

    steph /

    1. I have no idea that you know Joyce personally. What a small small world. Will have to check out



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