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Wednesday 31 July 2013
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I bet when you saw the picture above, you're thinking....... Marlene, are you nuts?! We're not even through with summer yet! I know.... I know.... I'm usually the one's scrambling to catch up with the fashion collections. I'm finding that designers are churning out one collection after another at super sonic speed these days. What's up with that?!

For once, I'm a little ahead of myself but I couldn't resist. I've been looking for a proper winter parka that comes with a detachable fleece lining and a hood. This one's from H&M and the price tag of £49.99 for a 100% cotton parka makes it even more attractive. The great thing is you could remove the lining and wear it over spring and summer. It's like getting 2 coats for the price of 1.

I'm totally bored with 99% of coats I see in the stores. *yawn* The same boring design tweaked a little here and there but nothing really original unless you're willing to part with £1K (I'm not!). Now if you have a small build though not exactly skinny and rather vertically challenged individual like myself, coats that are too cocoon-y can overwhelm my frame. I'm in love with the slim fitting Isabel Marant Etoile Clifford coat. It's sophisticated and contemporary. It's a little like a pea coat but with a twist. It helps that good ol Ms Marant designed the coat with plenty of pockets. Yesssss! More places for me to stuff my tissues, keys, cellphone, receipts etc etc etc etc. It's practical but above all, it jazzes up a simple outfit. It's not a bad buy at all for £425. What are your thoughts on these 2 coats?


  1. Lovely picks! I was just saying this morning how I really want to get my clothes in time for summer, not at the end of summer as usually happens. But case in point, I'm currently seeking a waterproof coat that looks good with jeans and goes down to no longer than mid-thigh/bum. But all the winter clothes are on their way out of the shops to make way for spring. Agh! But I did think of you a few days ago and wanted to know what brands you recommend for a waterproof jacket? I'm thinking you would have some great UK brands that I haven't heard of that I could look at online. x

  2. No - not mad at all - buy now before they sell out :o) Besides, I've got my Uniqlo down jacket already - I'm ready for the winter this year! Ordered that 3 weeks ago - no flies on me!

    One thing about the H&M jacket - if it's a detachable lining - check the sleeves to see how they are lined. So many sleeves are too thin and I can't do with cold arms. Already shelved a number of options for this reason.

  3. I really love that parka, it looks like exactly what I'm after although no H&M in NZ is the problem! I would pounce on that no worries, the price is so good too. The IM one, while I don't like it buttoned I think it looks gorgeous undone. Go for them both I say ;)

  4. I don't think you're mad at all. I may just be working on a post for winter boots!! Although not normally a Marant fan, I'm loving that coat. As someone who's also vertically challenged, I completely understand the need for a coat that doesn't swamp. Looks like you've found it!

  5. Isabel Marant all the way! I just like the silhouette of wool coats and all the color possibilities (yes I have a bright pink one). I wish there was some hybrid possible since wool isn't waterproof.
    Oh and Mackage is my favorite coat brand. They make coats with amazing cuts with leather details. I've gotten a compliment every time I've worn my Mackage coat - even from the sales associate at Saks!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. I like them both so much and since they are so completely different and in a different price range, it would totally make sense to get them both! I am also considering that H&M parka for that price, it's a steal! Oh, and you can never be too early with getting a coat for Fall! ;)

  7. Oh I spotted the IM Clifford coat on Matches the other night, gorgeous! Ok for coats ...... but maybe in the market for a shorter casual one.

  8. The thing is and annoying as it is, we do have to be quick with snapping up our winter coats now, otherwise all the good ones go so quickly but that's mainly down to how early the designers and stores release them! These coats are certainly perfect Marlene, they are both timeless, chic and of course versatile :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  9. I need that Clifford! Perfect.

  10. I have a Comptoir des Cotonniers parka already that's been around for 3 years (gasp!) but is still stylish and good as new. For a more sophisticated option, I'm thinking of buying an Etoile Isabel Marant too, albeit a larger model like the Ben coat. I had one for 2 years that was so warm and cozy. The only downside is that the wool is so fragile and since I wear my handbag on my shoulder, it ended up with a big hole on the side :-(

    1. Oh no! I'm guessing the damage was on the woolen exterior? That'll be pretty hard to fix.



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