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Wednesday 12 June 2013
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Like most of you, I note down the items I would like to buy and then wait for the sales before hitting the racks (well, virtually anyway). Why pay retail if you can get the same items at discounted prices? When I lived in New Zealand, flip flops, shorts and tees were my daily uniform. Over here in the U.K, I would probably freeze in summer if I wore the same attire all day.

Last year, nearly everyone in town piled in front of the huge screen to watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony. By nightfall, everyone's teeth were chattering and hugging the picnic mat. Rule number 1 in the U.K: Be prepared for 4 seasons in a single day. Rule 2: water resistant (or waterproof) outerwear is a MUST. I think I may have found my holy grail parka - Woolrich coat which is long enough to cover most of my body AND comes with a hood.


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Just in case if you're wondering my obsession for ankle strap sandals has waned........ Nope. Sorry. BUT lately, I can't get statement shoes out of my head. If you wear a somewhat monochromatic outfit the way that I do, these eye-catching footwear will give it that extra oomph.

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Here are 4 jackets - all discounted from 30% to 70% which will pretty much cover most occasions and all 4 seasons unless you live in Scandinavia or Russia (in which case dressing like the Michelin man is necessary for survival) . Happy shopping!


  1. Marlene you have such chic taste, pretty much love every pick! The striped top is perfection, you can never have enough striped tops, I practically live in them and those leopard print shoes are adorable, classic and actually wearable! I also love that military green jacket/coat :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Hi Marlene,

    The parka looks really good, but had a look at the spec and it says it is one hundred percent nylon with polyester lining. Sounds like a recipe for lots of sweating! Are you going to buy it?

    1. Hi Catherine, I didn't see that but a lot of the waterproof coats I've seen so far are made of synthetic materials. There are some very well made ones. I guess the other option is to be waxed cotton ones but the only problem is, the jacket has to be re-waxed every so often.

  3. You've just reminded me I was stalking that Theyskens' Theory jacket before. Have. To. Have!

    Congrats on the nomination btw :)

    steph /

  4. I want those Isabel Marant elvis sandals so bad, but the price.. even on sale.. I don't think I can justify. Such a shame!

  5. Oh, Russia isn't actually that bad at all and one doesn't need anything as ugly as the Micheline guy's clothes to live through winter - just lovely cashmere, wool, leathers and, don't shot the messenger, furs (it's a part of our culture and a necessity). :)
    And I agree about the wonders of the British summer... Something I had to get used to since, in Russia, summer is mostly hot and sunny...
    Here I've come to realise that there isn't actually such a thing as a big summer wardrobe because one never gets to wear everything in one season.
    Love your sale choices, especially the striped top and jeans.

    1. Forgive my ignorant self! My apologies. I can understand why it's part of the culture especially when it's the very thing that keeps people warm.

  6. That black bomber is so slick! Love it. Great selection of sale finds Marlene!




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