Packing For An Overnight Trip

Thursday 6 June 2013

I can't deny how practical and versatile a duffle bag can be especially one that can be flat packed and weighs no heavier than a paperback. I've been anti logo for the longest time but lately, I'm loving the monogram. I've been back and forth to London like a yo-yo for the past month. There were days when I had to spend the night there so the contents had to be stripped down to the bare essentials.

I normally don't bother checking into the hotel until late at night so I had to lug around my bag all day. This is all I carry for an overnight trip (yes including fresh undies but they're not meant for public viewing) because 100g feels like 10 kgs after a couple of hours. I wrote more about it here last year.  Heather, I think this answers your question!


  1. I like that you travel light - I know people who take countless changes just for two days away, something I've never been able to grasp the concept of.

  2. I love packing posts! (I can't remember if you've ever done beauty products posts on what you love? I like them too *cough* hint hint ;)) One of my things for a longer trip is to take a few items that are on their last legs so that I can dispose of them to make room in case I want to buy anything. And then we went to Europe for 4 weeks (including Paris) and I didn't step into a single shop because I didn't want to take away from the sightseeing and eating time, ha! Consequently when I met The Sartorialist in the streets of Paris, I was not looking my best. He definitely wasn't looking at me as a candidate for his blog that day :)

  3. Packing light is a life skill and a true test of your wardrobe! I love how neutral the clothes you packed look - very versatile.

  4. I wish I could pack like you! x



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