5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Thursday 27 June 2013

What is spring without flowers? The temperamental weather may drive me loco but at least the sight of flowers in town puts a smile on my face. I can talk about weather as well as any Brit these days. Don't get me started on that *&@^!%£¶§¢#!! godforsaken weather. Breeeeeathe, Marlene.... Ohmmm..... Ohmmmm...... Ohmmmmmmmmm.......


I'm gorging on watermelon, donut peaches and cherries while they're in season. Blink and you'll miss them because they're rarely available here.


I've been told by the kids that regularly drop over for dinner that milk tastes sooooo much nicer in these little bottles and cute straws because "normal" glasses alter the "flavor". Interesting.


Dainty floral teacups used to make me shudder and think of old grannies. Well, I guess my age must be showing then because I'm starting to get mildly obsessed about them. At least my saving grace is I don't do matchy matchy tea set. Yet. Watch this space.


This is singularly THE best granola I've eaten so far. I've been eating Lizi's granola since a friend recommended them to me. It has incredibly low Glyceamic Load and releases energy very slowly throughout the day so that my blood sugar doesn't dip that low (wow, I can't believe how intelligent and scientific I sound!). A small serving (50gm) is enough to fill me up. It's the perfect snack if I've forgotten to eat before my workout. My favorite's the Treacle Pecan Granola which is beyond divine especially for someone like me who's allergic to diets.

If you're interested in the nitty gritty details, here's the list of ingredients - Jumbo rolled oats, rapeseed oil, desiccated coconut, pecans (7%), fructose, black treacle (4%), oligofructose*, golden linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, natural flavouring
*Oligofructose is a natural soluble fibre derived from chicory. As a prebiotic it helps maintain a healthy digestive system).


  1. There's nothing I love more than seeing flowers and flower baskets displayed around the city in the summer. :) It makes me so happy!

  2. Just to say that Lizzi's granola is made with agave syrup, which isn't as brilliant as it has been described - not only it may affect the blood sugar balance, it can also increase levels of triglycerides. So I'd switch to something made with honey or a sugar-free muesli.... Much better for your health.
    Thank you for the watermelon update - I will need to get some of those babies presto.

  3. You take the most beautiful, colourful, inspiring photo's Marlene. Where are those little bottles from? I love them ! x

    1. They were in a shop. You can get them online if you google school milk bottles.

  4. I love little tea cups too, our new house is going to be modern but I'm going to display my vintage teacups in the kitchen, love a bit of vintage/modern contrast. Love the house pics, the one with the blue details is stunning! X

  5. Oh milk DOES taste better from a glass bottle and a straw! That just brought back so many memories from my school days!

    Super photos as always


  6. I'm with Fiona - transported back to school days when we were given a bottle of milk with a little red or silver top on. I didn't like them because I didn't like the crusted creamy bit on the top - but that's just me being a bit funny. I also never lick the lid of life from a yoghurt top either. Something to do with dairy products for me. And even though I don't really like milk, it does look like it will taste better from those gorgeous little bottles.

    And we are having fruit overload at the moment - it's glorious! Watermelon, white flesh nectarines, cherries, strawberries. Yum.

  7. Beautiful pictures Marlene! I love fresh Cherries, though your right and you have to be quick because otherwise theyy gone! ;)

    Take care and wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Daniella xox

  8. I love those little bottles with the decorated straws! Your photos are wonderful as always!!!

  9. Glad you are making good use of that beautiful china! As usual, love everything! My kids aren't milk drinkers but I want those cute little bottles anyway!

  10. Such stunning photos and the baby milk bottles are too cute. I have some that I use on the table for lavender sprigs or single gerberas ... way nicer than a vase!

  11. I really like the milk bottles with the pretty straws, lovely idea for my daughter's christening in September. Found your blog via susie so so and it is so visually beautiful I am a new fan.



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