Burberry Event

Thursday 2 May 2013


It was meant to be a childrenswear event. A lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the children are taken care of whilst their mothers shopped. There was an art and craft station along with a cheerful entertainer who performed magic tricks and had the young audience so enthralled that they barely noticed their mothers have disappeared (yippeeeee!). What mother wouldn't take the opportunity to offload their monsters beloved offspring while they enjoyed a couple of hours of hassle free shopping while sipping a glass of refreshing juice and nibbling on sweet treats?


Both Jacqueline and I loved the coat but sadly, it's only available in mini sizes.


It was wonderful to finally meet Angela of Lattes and Juice in person and her handsome son as well as her mom. There was so much to talk about that we couldn't possibly squeeze it all in one short afternoon. Since I'm Hermes mad anyway, I couldn't stop ogling at her gorgeous Hermes Etoupe Evelyne.


Or Jacqueline's blue Balenciaga City bag. It's little wonder that we actually met on The Purse Forum many years ago. Thankfully, our handbag addiction is under control these days.


I couldn't stop thinking about this Burberry trench coat. It's absolutely brilliant. It's showerproof, comes with a wool blend removable lining for colder months as well as a hood for those of us who detest carrying an umbrella. The fabric is a little stiffer which gives it a more structured look to the wearer. It comes up pretty big. This was actually a size UK 6. It's the first Burberry trench coat that I fell in love with. I think it's from the previous collection as it's not available online anywhere but there are variations to the design here. Decisions....decisions.....

A huge thank you to my friend Jacqueline and her friends Jenny and Joseph (of Burberry) for the invitation to the Burberry event.


  1. Sounds like a lovely event and I really like that trench on you! Such a classic piece that you'd have forever. Go for it! ;)


    1. You're not helping matters, T!!! I'm supposed to be saving.

  2. Thank you again for the lovely invitation! Your photos are so gorgeous. I really need to be a better blogger and bring a real camera with me instead of solely using the iPhone. You need to get that trench as it looked so good on you and bite the bullet and get the Evelyn too ;) xox

  3. Aw looks like it was such a lovely event to attend, everything looks so cute! I have to say that Burberry trench looks AMAZING on you! My dream to one day own a burberry trench coat has always and continues to stop me from buying a classic beige one from any other brand or store, though I have to say that i'm loving the navy coloured version also. Screw saving, this would be a lifetime investment! :D

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. I have similar and no regrets. Must have! Looks so fab...

  5. They're such a classic. I bought mine from net-a-porter instead of Burberry in Perth. The price different is go great and net-a-porter gave good service. I have to return twice cos the sizing was a tad too big than normal...

  6. That coat fit you perfectly!! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. You do live a fab life - what a great event to attend. Love this trench on you very much! x

  8. You need to get the trench. It's gorgeous and so nice that it's not the classic camel/beige colour so it rocks that little bit more. Get it. Get it. Get it.

  9. That trench is fab. My friend has one in black and it's so classy. Much more special than the camel I think - just like Sue says! And FABULOUS photos - love them....esp the one of the wee pink sandals and the tray of brownies. Looks like an amazing day, x

  10. I heart Burberry - that trench looks amazing on you! I have my eye on a gabardine mid length one in Honey - so fabulous. Gorgeous pics as usual!

  11. Looks like a great event and I do think that you need that Burberry trench! It's such a classic, you won't regret adding it to your wardrobe! ;)

  12. That coat looks so good on you, it's a must! x

  13. What a lovely event. I'm glad you were able to attend:) Burberry's kids clothing is always so cute. I can never visit without swinging by childrenswear.

    Marlene, I think you read my mind. I actually took this afternoon off to attend a final fitting and hair test for an upcoming event and for an appointment at Burberry to pick up another trench.

    That trench looks great on you. You just can't go wrong with the classic garbardine trench. I love the honey and black I have a few coats from Burberry (trenches and field coats) and the quality is impeccable. I'm always tempted by the prices at Net a Porter but free alterations at the Burberry store are a necessity for me.

    This trench looks great on you!

  14. What a brilliant event. I would have been torn between wanting to check out all the cool things they had arranged for the kids as well as being able to shop. There's nothing better than going to events done well and how nice to be able to take kids! I love the trench on you!

    - Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  15. Ah, Mini Burberry's, how beautiful. It was good that the children were looked after, could of been a bit of a nightmare with little sticky fingers all over the beautiful clothes! Black trench coat definately a big winner! xx

    1. The kids were so busy being entertained that none of them went anywhere near the clothes. Whew! The organizer thought of everything.

  16. That trench looks great on you and doesn't look too big - however if you took out the lining and just wore it in spring perhaps it might be. I love the ones that offer the zip out linings - so versatile and really makes them so warm for winter.

  17. Looks great on you!!! *wolf whistles*



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