Thursday 30 May 2013
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Annie posted a photo on Instagram a few weeks back and that prompted a near panic in me to suss out the nearest woods that still has blooming bluebells. After more frantic googling and texting between Tara and I, we figured that we might just be able to catch the last vestiges of wilted bluebells of 2013. The last time I scrambled around in search of a holy grail, it was for a handbag.Who knew bluebells get the same response as a Chanel?

We stuffed our 3 rugrats into the car and headed off on a mini adventure amidst howling, chortling and what looked like a World War 3 going on in the passenger seats. One does not understand the full spectrum of the word patience until one has to deal with rabid animals disguised as children on a daily basis. God bless teachers everywhere. I'd rather go through another childbirth without epidural than having to deal with a classroom full of little kids. Every. Single. Day. (I'm never going to win Mother of the Year award after publishing this post).

Anyways ........ the sight of a blanket of bluebells covering the grounds near Micheldever Woods was enough to make us (the two adults, not the kids) break into a dance. Ever tried herding children? Let me tell you, shepherds have it way easier. Because sheep do NOT have opinions. We managed to get a few photos before the wolves started howling our well disciplined, meek and sweet as apple pie kids suggested that it was past their bedtime. (mwahahaha......hope you didn't fall for that lie!!)


  1. You are so funny, I adore you! These photos are beautiful!

  2. Lovely photos and where are these rabid animals you are talking about? Surely not those little angels up there?

    The bluebells are lovely but the picture of the yellow rapeseed makes me laugh as it reminds me of the day the Grumps decided to walk to the train station past the rapeseed field and came home half an hour later eyes streaming, nose streaming and had to take the day off work to get over it. Big hayfever hit. But I still think the shocking yellow fields as we drive through the countryside are a lovely sight.

    I agree the God Bless Teachers bit. It's a job but not one I could do.

    1. Angels?? Let me have a discussion with Tara. I'll bet she'll agree that none of the 3 are.

  3. These pictures are beautiful, Bluebells are one of my favourites, they remind me of my childhood. Aw and like the above comment, I don't believe for a second that those little cuties are anything other then Angels, hehehe :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. stunning photos - absolutely stunning

  5. I just love the contrast between your beautiful, peaceful pictures of nature and your hilarious recounting of the rabid animals' adventures.

  6. That doesn't even look real! LIke a fairy land - I'm charmed!!

  7. I said it before and I say it again, I really like your witty way of writing... and these pictures are really beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous photos. Bluebell woods are breathtaking aren't they? Marie S

  9. I echo the comments - this looks surreal! I don't think I've ever seen bluebells in real life. Lovely!

  10. Sue, I can't believe those gorgeous kids were anything other than angelic. But having said that, I'm with u on NOT ever wanting a teacher! As for the photos....stunning. You really lucked out there with the sheer amount of them! Love bluebells...and those photos make me love them even more. x

  11. The photos are absolutely stunning. They take my breath away.

  12. Ha ha... this is brilliant M! I agree 100% with your quote so I will keep you company in the 'not winning Mother of the year' club. The bluebells look absolutely beautiful and the 'rugrats' looking gleefully happy. Well worth the effort.

    - Mandi

  13. Stunning, simply stunning - reminds me of my childhood when we went walking - there would always be lots of bluebells. Happy times.

  14. This is magical. Even if I know the allergies will kick in, I just love all of the gorgeous flowers during Spring.

  15. Ah but they look so angelic!

    I'm so glad you found the bluebells, they are quite a sight aren't they? Amazing spectacle. If it's any consolation my littlest stepsons whinges the whole way round. every. Single. year.

  16. the pics lovely. I particularly like the one with the little boy...



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