Pass It Forward: 3 Fabulous Writers/Bloggers

Friday 1 March 2013
I wouldn't categorize these three talented writers as fashion or style bloggers because their blogs encapsulate a heterogeneous collection of subject matters that never bore the reader.

Hannah-Rose of Capture the Castle

I don't know why I haven't featured Hannah-Rose's blog Capture the Castle here. In fact, several bloggers have suggested that I do so on my weekly Pass It Forward series. I've read it often enough. I discovered, to my delight that a lovely reader included my blog along with Hannah Rose's and several others on a list of "Blogs with Substance" on an internet forum.

Her evocative writing has a way of constantly challenging my thoughts and inspiring me to explore new possibilities. Hannah-Rose has been on a whirlwind trip around half of Europe and even a had a chance to meet up with a couple of my favorite Aussie bloggers who are based in London.

Joy of Stranger Sensibilities

There are those who write from the heart, who dare to touch on topics most shy away. Joy is a deep thinker and often explores different perspectives to a subject. For example, one of her posts, "What's the big idea?" in relation to Fashion Week which offered plenty of food for thought about the importance of it in relation to the grand scheme of the world economy.

Fen of Foxtrot Echo November

Fen is a girl after my own heart with a similar obsession for breton tops as well as practical and chic outfits. She's a breath of fresh air for those who suffer from fashion fatigue. There's the well edited collage featuring delectable pieces from her favorite designers (namely, Margaret Howell) to home decor to interesting discussions, there's never a dull moment if you read her blog regularly.


  1. Wow, you really got my attention with that fabulous brekkie in bed, I am trying to work out what gorgeousness is on that toast

  2. Haha! I know of which forum you speak of. But that aside, these three bloggers are some of my favorites as well.

  3. The first photo is amazing! How have I not come across some of these fab bloggers before! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm a big fan of Fen's blog - Her's was one of the first blogs I picked up on last year and I've never tired of it - it's always fresh and interesting. I've read every post to current day (love the long tartan skirt!) and she puts together the best outfit compilations and her blog designs and layouts are just gorgeous on the eye. She's a lovely girl (I say girl - she's years younger than me) and love that she has her Mills & Boon addiction. I always look forward to her posts. Oh and credit where it's due - she has helped me enormously with my blog design - I loved her work so much so I went to the master or mistress in this case.

    Joy as you say isn't afraid to tackle subjects head on and gives such thought to her writing. I like her pared down dressing - what I would liken to simple every day wear but there has been some thought behind why she has chosen the pieces and what function they serve. I love the insight in to her college life too - she pulls some great student poses. For some reason I can't get this picture of her out of my head - it kills me

    Hannah Rose - is new for me so I will be taking a good look at this - if she is as good as Joy and Fen, she will be wonderful.

    And congratulations on being recognised as an intelligent blog - you deserve it. You always provide something for thought and I don't even know how you manage to find so many inspiring topics which ring so true for so many people out there. You rock too.

  5. I just found your blog and love it!
    You are very inspiring and i will take a look at the blogs you are indroducing.

  6. I've been following Capture the Castle for years. Love the blog and the lady herself!

  7. Three new ones I will be sure to check them out. Thanks for sharing Marlene and anyone with a passion for a Breton deserves a read from me! x

  8. Yay some new reads, your blog recommendations are always excellent! I just spent the last 30 minutes (which is a lifetime for blogs) going through Capture the Castle

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  9. as you'll know from earlier's tweet, I completely agree! Fen is a friend of mine; she's a brilliant writer and I have to say she's just as lovely in real life as she is in her blog (always refreshing to know!) She actually introduced me to Hannah's blog about a year ago, and I find her writing fantastic! Her posts always leave me feeling very wistful. Joy is a new one to me but I look forward to reading both hers and your blog now :)

    Hannah xx

  10. I'm always amazed by the numerous new blogs you introduce to us regularly.
    All of them with the same kind of sensitive approach, pic quality and subjects which ring a bell to all of us.

  11. thank you so much for all the lovely things you said! I'm blushing :) xxx



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