Winter Style Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Outfit: Isabel Marant Khan coat (similar here or here), Isabel Marant Barte cardigan (sold out but similar here), chunky sweater (similar here)
Photo credit: Startracks Photo & Splash News

Outfit: Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers, oversized woolen coat (similar here)
Photo credit: Startraks Photo, PacificCoast News, Splash News

Outfit: Isabel Marant cardigan, Isabel Marant embroidered tunic (or here), leather skinny pants (similar here),
Photo credit: Daily Mail

I truly struggle with winter outfits. Not to sound vain or overly obsessed with clothes but what woman would like to look like she's related to the Michelin man? I admire those who can come up with a completely different outfit every single day. The thing is I lack the imagination and motivation to do the same. And then there's the constant battle between keeping warm and looking good. Perhaps, there's a way to do both?

The dimpled and baby faced Miranda Kerr has a knack for creating stunning outfits each time she steps out of her front door. Okay, let's not hide that she's a size 0 Amazonian with legs that stretch right up to her armpits. At a closer look, you'll notice the same pieces being rotated and worn in various ways. Her uniform tend to consist of over-sized tops and coats paired with skinny pants to avoid looking overly bulky. She's certainly given a few ideas on my own outfits.


  1. I loathe winter because I look a mess all of the time, I'm just a bundle of mismatched layers/ugly flat boots and flappy coats.
    How I envy her ability to walk around in heels during the day, I pad around like a platypus.

  2. God, she looks amazing! I want that Khan coat, but then again, it probably wouldn't look half as good on me :(

  3. You've got to hand it to her, she's consistently chic on the street. Anyone can dress up to the nines for the red carpet but I admire those celebs/models who can do it with style everyday the most. I love how each element is so simple. The reverse works too, bf jeans with a slimmer top half.

  4. Love her looks. Casual, pulled-together and stylish!

  5. I adore her style! And that baby is so cute!!

  6. I love the Marant grey coat but don't love that Prada bag personally. She always looks fab though x

  7. I was so busy looking at the beautiful coats that I didn't even notice the Prada handbag and I have to agree with Sharron that it's not a great bag. But bag aside, she's just got a fabulous mum about town look. Oh to have legs that long! Oh to have her wardrobe. And her little boy has got some fab looks too.

  8. She's stunning - and always looks so polished - I just love that coat.

  9. Sigh. Don't we all wish we had legs like Miranda. She is so gorgeous and always looks super chic and effortless.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Ah you and I are on the same wavelength at the moment, just opposite seasons! I just did the final edit on my summer uniforms post last night. I haven't taken any photos of clothes so maybe I will do that yet. I do love Miranda Kerr's style. I have quite a few pics of her in my fashion inspiration folder.

  11. I totally admire Miranda Kerr's everyday style as well. She keeps it simple while looking chic. If I had legs that go on for miles like that I'd probably never wear heels haha.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. she is seriously so flawless! love! xO!

  13. this woman can do no wrong.. even when she's pregnant!

    steph /

  14. she has an AMAZING collection of coats. and i want those leather leggings!!

  15. She is such a chic mommmy! I love that despite gloomy winter weather she still incorporates color in her outfits. It's also nice to see a celebrity wear their clothes more than once!

  16. Miranda Kerr always gets the proportions right. I love that!



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