Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 30 November 2012
There are pros and cons to be an expat. You see your new world through rose tinted glasses. You marvel at the most insignificant thing, to the puzzlement of your local friends. Like, you have to touch a thousand year old wall because, it's 1000 years old!! You take an hour to get from A to B only to realize that there's a shortcut that zips you there in 10 minutes. And then, we have the language barrier. Zeh (rhymes with zen) - bra or Zeeee-bra. We're talking about the stripey donkey like animal, right? So let's follow an American in Paris, a Singaporean and Moroccan residing in London.

Haleigh Walsworth of Making Magique


Haleigh, an American chronicles her fascinating life in Paris through her blog. It may be a trip to a Chateaux or baking pink cupcakes the next day, her writing and utterly mesmerizing photos grip you like a serious chocolate addiction. You can't help take another look and another and before you know it, you've been trawling through her pictures for 3 hours.

Little S of The Lilac Pages


Little S is a Moroccan who lived in France, has an American accent but now resides in London with her French hubby, little boy and two very spoiled cats. She's an investment banker, mom and blogger. How she managed to balance all 3 is still a mystery to me. I've followed her blog since its inception and am in awe of her sophisticated style.

Jason of Feast To The World


Jason, a Singaporean and Londoner is a serious foodie who cooks like a dream. I'm deprived of traditional nyonya (a mixture of Chinese and Malay) cuisine which is impossible to find where I live. Needless to say, the guy's a lifesaver because his recipes have step by step instructions and photos. I have a list of his recipes that I'm dying to try out. He also runs the one and only Singaporean supper club in London. Book early though as it's very popular.


  1. For the first time, three blogs I've never seen before. I always look forward to your pass it forward series, will have to check these ones out now for sure. Cooking blogs never go amiss ;)

  2. These blogs look amazing! Great picks as always. I can definitely relate now that I am living abroad again. The language barrier is definitely a challenge for me but that it's an adventure everyday!

  3. gotta check out these ones - already drooling at jason's photos!!

    steph /



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