Notting Hill

Thursday 22 November 2012

My young friend, Chrissy who's an international student here has only ever been to London a handful of times. What better way to indoctrinate her into the vibrant London scene than to introduce her to Notting Hill, a trendy and sometimes rather quirky neighborhood. You've got the rather touristy and (I think) more trashy bit where counterfeit Birkins are proudly displayed in the windows and then the gentrified Westbourne Grove where all the international brands, namely French have set up shop.


I couldn't resist sneaking in a shot of the Notting Hill t-shirt. Yes, well, sometimes I like to pretend I'm a tourist. There is a whole gamut of stores selling downright bizarre items like these interesting looking iphone covers, little dolls and junk to funky pizzerias. And then there's bubbleology where iced bubble teas look like the result of a science experiment. 


Hanging out with a girlfriend who's a fellow Francophile can be detrimental to one's bank account particularly if you're in Westbourne Grove where stores like Maje, Sandro, Zadig et Voltaire, Diptyque, Le Petites and Aime rule. I would've gladly walked out with the entire Fall/Winter collection at Maje if I'd gotten lucky at last Saturday's lottery.


Even the residents look effortlessly chic. Who knew faux fur leopard print coat would love this good with yellow sneakers?

Outfit: Zara jacket, Asos sweater, Zara boyfriend jeans, Halogen wedges, Christys' fedora, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Bandouliere

I hardly ever step foot into Zara nor shop at ASOS after having a couple of bad experiences with the poor quality of their merchandise. I'm glad I was proven wrong this time. I guess it's a hit and miss kind of thing at the High St stores. These Zara boyfriend jeans are the best I've ever worn. They're incredibly comfortable and flattering. The ASOS owl sweater is 100% cotton and costs a mere £21. I tend to judge how comfortable shoes are by how long I can survive in them when I'm in London. These Halogen wedges survived rain and miles of walking and not a blister in sight.


I found out about this new ramen noodle bar called Bone Daddies via Twitter. I googled the name just be sure it wasn't a funeral parlor. The owner, Ross Shonhan, an Aussie and ex Nobu chef created a funky atmosphere but served the most delicious Tonkotsu I've eaten to date. The thick and gelatinous broth was divine especially on a rainy day where we were both drenched by the sudden downpour. The service was quick and efficient. My only complaint? It can do with less salt.

Bone Daddies Ramen Noodle Bar
30-31 Peter Street 
London W1F0AR
Tube: Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus


  1. Love all the photos! You both look wonderful! I was so shocked at how well Zara trousers fitted me when I was in the Bond St store in July. Before that I didn't understand why everyone raved about them. At the time I was going to order those wedge shoes but the customs turned out to be more expensive than they were! :-(

  2. You're so lucky living near London.
    And your young friend could find no better guide !

  3. Lovely pictures and Notting Hill looks really vibrant - I was just watching a program last night which talked about the prices of property around there. Your young friend is a perfect model and you look picture perfect too. She is obviously a much better camera lady than me. Bone Daddies - that's hilarious - I'm glad too it's not a funeral parlour. Nice to see the Zara jacket out - giving good inspro here.

  4. Gorgeous shots! I loved Notting Hill and spent quite a fair bit of time wandering around there when I visited London for the first time. Looking forward to going back!

  5. Oh, I do love Notting Hill. And your photos make me wanna go there right now....

  6. That hat is working very well on you!

  7. Stunning photos. You make me want to jump on a airplane to London immediately :)

  8. Oh, my favorite thing to do in Notting Hill is to head over to Portobello Rd. Market and mingle with the tourists! London is great, thanks for all the great pictures.

  9. Looking fabulous and I am SO envious - I spent many happy years living in squalor on Ledbury Rd:) I miss it a lot and go back whenever we are in London - my favorite bars are all there though it does get more touristy every time I go back..

  10. "I googled the name just be sure it wasn't a funeral parlor." - LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    I've been on a Zara spree lately. While there are definitely items of very questionable quality, I've found a few good pieces :)

  11. I am getting mileage out of those Halogen wedges too! They are so comfortable and versatile! Ahh.. my heart is aching for something H in gold togo!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  12. I don't wear jeans for many reasons, but when I see a pair of boyfriend jeans like those, I always think "maybe jeans and I could be friends after all" and then I try them on and we could not be friends.

  13. Gorgeous pictures Marlene. Loving your hat, especially after my Fedora post featuring SJP last week and the girl in the leopard coat looks amazing. Can you believe I have never been to Notting Hill, I only live in Kent and worked in London for many years so have no excuse! x

  14. Lovely pictures, Marlene, even though the weather didn't seem very picture-friendly.
    I go to Westbourne Grove relatively often because it's not that far from my flat. It's a great place for French fashion brand lovers indeed... A dangerous place actually! :) My favourite shop there is Aime, but Maje, Sandro, Les Petites and Comptoir always have things I like too.
    And my favourite food place is Ottolenghi, closely followed by Taqueria (I know you also like this one ;)

    1. I haven't been to Taqueria for ages. I like Ottolenghi too it's always so crowded whenever I'm there.

  15. PS: love your shoes! Didn't know this brand at all. Did you get them from Nordstrom?

    1. Yes, I did! I've never heard of Halogen before but the reviews are fantastic for the Bianca design.

  16. Such beautiful pictures! I love Notting Hill. You've captured it so well. xx

  17. Lovely pictures:) You're making me miss London badly. I love your shoes!

  18. Beautiful photos Marlene! The one with the fake Birkins made me laugh, the way they're just sat there next to union jack piggy banks! Hehe! :)
    I love strolling around the stores in Notting Hill too, so many great brands there. I'd never heard of Bubbleology before though, I'm seriously intrigued to know what they taste of, I'll definitely have to pop by & have a taste next time I'm around!

  19. hahahaha Bone Daddies does sound a bit confusing, sounds a bit like a funeral parlor as well as a daycare centre. The ramen dish looks so good! love your shoes btw!

  20. Oh You've made me so so homesick for Notting Hill!!!! It has everything, the fabulous florists, the funky dressers and the food. We lived there for most of our 15 years there. And how much was that Birkin bag - I'm serious!!! (was it second hand?)

  21. I am getting a strong urge to come to Europe... notting hill looks like such a fun day out. Beautiful photos - I feel like I was there with you!

  22. it is one of my favorite movies. Also loving those phone cases.

  23. wow great photos Marlene. I can never decide whether I like Notting Hill. Half of it's just a bit too posh and the other half is just a bit scummy. Strange place.

    I love your friend's coat and I love your hat x

  24. These pictures are amazing! It makes me want to go to Notting Hill! Also, you look lovely. That hat looks great on you.

  25. You look great! I know I wrote this before but I am so happy you're doing outfit pictures now!



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