Catching Up with Sam

Thursday 8 November 2012

There was a flurry of emails between us when I found out that Sam from Style of Sam was coming to London. After years of cyber communication, we finally got to meet face to face. And found out that we're exactly like the persona behind our blogs. Have you noticed that most bloggers are women? We managed to convince our hubbies that yes, our friends do not float in the cyber black hole and are in fact, flesh and blood. To our delight, the two men clicked and became so engrossed in their conversations at one point that they'd forgotten about their wives.

Photo by Mr S. Outfit: Etoile Isabel Marant Kady leather jacket (similar here), Zadig & Voltaire sweater (similar here), The Kooples sweat pants (similar here), The Kooples wedge sneakers (similar here, here or here), Louis Vuitton Bandouliere 35cm. Both Sam and I are wearing silk scarves courtesy of Vix Paula Hermanny.

We spent the entire day just strolling down the streets of Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge, eating and catching up. There was so much to talk about, that I think we needed another week. Sam and Mr S are a delight to be with. Such a thoughtful and kind couple whose striking looks belong on the cover of a magazine.  In case you're wondering, I was wearing a pair of track pants. My excuse was I wasn't feeling entirely well and was croaking away like a frog. And I couldn't be a**sed to squeeze my guts into a pair of skinny jeans.

psssssst  if you look carefully at the group photo, you'll notice Mr S' reflection in the glass window.


We had a lovely chat with Ian, the manager of Chanel at Harrods, a man who is a fiercely loyal employee and fan of the two Wertheimer brothers who co-own the House of Chanel. Apparently, they still visit the stores personally a couple of times a year to meet and greet their staff. Segments of the original vintage Chinoiserie wooden screen was shipped over from Coco Chanel's Rue Cambon apartment and can be found leaning against the wall at the fine jewelry store at Harrods. He showed us a beautiful pearl and diamond lariat necklace with a center stone weighing 8 carats. Anyone has a spare change of £1.6 million??

As you can see, the lamp posts that are located on the land belonging to the Duke of Westminster have the CC stamps on them. The previous Duke of Westminster had an affair with our dear Coco Chanel. It was him who introduced her to tweed, a material that's generally worn by the upper class in England. Instead of carving his name on a tree like most young loves do (though they weren't particularly young then), a gesture which he's far FAR too aristocratic to succumb to, he made sure all the lamp posts bear the symbol of his love.

Aubaine Cafe
260-262 Brompton Road  
London SW3 2AS
Tel: 020 7052 0100


  1. Oh I have such fond memories of Aubaine! Used to live on Thurloe Square.
    Both of you look lovely :)

  2. There's an article about female bloggers in The Times today.

    And I am stunned, I always thought those markings just sort of looked Chanelish - fascinating info!

    Oh and I love Thurloe Sq

  3. Nooooo I just checked apparently its an urban myth about the cc meaning Chanel, what a bummer.

  4. How fun that you ladies got to meet. It sounded like you had a fabuslous time chatting away. I have never met anyone from blogsphere before despite my two attempts. The timing just didnt work out for them (or they simply didnt want to meet..ha). Both of you dressed alike and i just love those scarves.

  5. I'm squinting really hard but I can't make him out. What a lovely group photo though and so chic everybody and Lil L's bikers are to die for :o)

    Love the CC story true or otherwise. We all need a little bit of magic.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I love the little one's coat!!

  7. Look at little L - precious! Love all three of your outfits - can't stand waiting for my own trip to London!

  8. I love that story about the double c's on the lamp posts, when I first found out I wanted to uproot one! Your mate looks stylish, can you ask if I can borrow her bag please lol xx

  9. What a lovely meeting up. Have not yet "met" any bloggy friends so the URLs are not IRL friends yet. I think I would be a bit nervous as to how I come off - I would probably not stop blabbing - and how lovely that you were both as expected. Oh my gosh you both have crazy fabulous accessories! Your portfolio of bags is stunning.

  10. I too have had those wonderful meetings with blog friends. It's such a great feeling when you connect in person and can't stop talking!! I'm so glad you had a great meet up. x

  11. I love finally meeting bloggers, it's great to learn more about the perso. Behind the blog and connect :) sounds like you both had a wonderful time, and loving the Chanel history lesson x

  12. Aww... Was wondering if you two would meet up when I saw Sam was headed your way. So glad you two made it happen. You both look lovely. You both look stunning! And Lil L is just too cute.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  13. That is so cool that you guys had a chance to meet up after years of mainly online contact! One of the things that I love about blogging is that you totally get to connect with people you may have not had the chance to otherwise. What a great picture of the three of you! You ladies look great and Lil L is such a cutie! Lovin' her lil outfit! :)


  14. This sounds like such a dreamy blogger date! I hope you're feeling better now? All three of you look so beautiful and stylish xoxox

  15. This looks and sounds like such a perfect day! Your shots of the food are so beautiful! That's so great that you guys got on just as well in real life as you do online. It's so much fun to meet people behind blogs that you love. xx

  16. Sounds like a fab day!! You both are very stylish!! Your DD is too cute!! I love her hat!!

  17. How delightful that you both had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better. I think blogging is pretty amazing for the very reason that but for it you wouldn't have met Sam and she wouldn't have met you. I'm sure it was a meeting that neither of you will forget. Your daughter is so lovely!!!

  18. You ladies look so comfortable together, I can't stop looking at all your stunning accessories. What a lovely little story about the CC lamp posts. Love it when history and design come together to tell a tale. I wonder what other little oddities exists in our everyday that go unnoticed... I've yet to meet any blogger friends but hopefully that will change.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  19. What an amazing collection of photo's from your day out. It's really amazing that you had the chance to catch up and what a day it looked like. I mean there was a 1.6 GBP pearl/diamond necklace involved and all :) I hope you're feeling better now. Say hi to little L for me too

    xx Mandi

  20. Looks such a fun time! Hope you've fully recovered now. How cute is your little girl...

  21. Sounds like such a fun day! The pictures are lovely and you both look beautiful!

  22. wow, glad you guys got to meet up! looking fab as always, you two :) and lil l too, super cute outfit!!

    steph /

  23. It was so fun to meet you in person! We truly ENJOYED the whole day, and I wished we lived closer! Thank you so much for the best day. It was hard to come back, and I'm desperately trying to catch up since we've been back in the States!

    xo, sam

  24. What a great photo!! You all look amazing and I am dying over lil' L's outfit and biker boots!! Thanks for sharing :)

  25. Love this! So heartwarming. Two of my fav bloggers together!
    It's so cool that two cyber friends can hit it off in real life too. :D
    I like Little L's outfit.:)

  26. Aww man this post of yours makes me miss London! Granted I was only there for a week several years ago, I LOVED the vibe and the food outlets!



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