Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 28 September 2012
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts about the evolution of street style photography. Sometimes it's just impossible to fawn over ridiculously garish ensemble and calling it fashion just because the individuals were photographed during the Fashion Week. A huge thank you for the support during the odd occasion when I plaster my face on the blog. It's still a little weird to see my own maniacal grin staring back at me on my computer screen..........  Right, back to this week's Pass It Forward series.

Izzy of Metallic Paws

Izzy is an Aussie (obviously, I've spent too many hours practising rhyming words with Lil L) who has successfully snagged a graduate position after finishing law school. Her style is more eclectic and trendy which suits her youthful appearance. Don't be fooled by these impressive photos (courtesy of her very talented boyfriend) because you may be pleasantly surprised to find that she is also remarkably articulate. As someone said to me, blogs without "meat" aren't worth reading.

Stephanie of Faiiint

The first time I saw a photo of Stephanie, I literally gasped. I thought she was one of the most striking and beautiful women I've ever seen. She may call her dress sense gothic but I'd like to think that she has a very distinct yet tasteful style which most of us can relate to. It's bloggers like her who constantly reach out to others that make a difference to the blogging community.

Lucy of The Suburban Style

I came across Lucy's blog when she was featured on the Daily Mail and continued to follow her because of her down to earth and engaging personality. It's hard to believe she's a mom of one (with another bun in the oven) when you look at her tall and slender figure. Le sigh.... (yes, I'm envious). Most women who made the heart-rending decision to give up work to become stay at home moms had to tighten the purse-strings and adjust to a totally new life  (wiping poo, pee, singing endless rounds of ABCDEFG......). Who knew Gap, Primark and other High St brands could look this cool and chic?


  1. Love Lucy from Suburban Style so really pleased you featured her. Really lovely person as well. Will also check out Stephanie and Izzie. Love blogs with substance.

  2. Oh Thank You for this, has really made my day. Am desperate to check the others out, just need to wrangle with my toddler first.

  3. Oh, Marlene, thankyou so much, you have really made my day with your sweet words! I am so extremely flattered that you think I'm beautiful, I still find it strange to hear people say as I got picked on a hell of a lot at school for being the ugly duckling & 'looking like a boy', so I really appreciate that :)
    I love Izzy's blog, but had never heard of Lucy's - so I shall be checking hers out now!
    PS: It's people like you that make a huge difference to the community too! :)

  4. Love to check their blog.:) I'm in love with this series where in I could able to check others sites too! Have a great weekend!

  5. You find the best blogs! Thanks so much!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I absolutely love how you do these posts, I follow the first two and will have to check out the third, you're probably going to end up adding countless more blogs to my reading list ;)

    And you should post more of your outfits! x

  7. It took me a few pages to get used to Stephanie's style. But i think she's the one i prefer. Great find once again !

  8. <3 stephanie's blog. off to check out the other two marlene, keep on posting more of you please! :)

    steph /

  9. Nice list of blogs- thank you for sharing.

  10. Yes, more photos of your darling self please! And how gorgeous is Stephanie, off to check out these blogs now.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}



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