Pass It Forward: 3 Pragmatic Bloggers

Friday 31 August 2012
I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Susie of Susie So So for the Liebster Award but most importantly, for the heartwarming words that had me alternating between laughing uncontrollably and wiping a tear or two away.

In a parallel universe, I strut down New Bond St with grace and confidence in my 4 inch Louboutins while swinging an Hermes Kelly and wearing a figure hugging Victoria Beckham dress. My hair is freshly blown dry at a salon and my face is beautifully made up. Yeah, I am day-dreaming alright. The reality couldn't be further from the truth.  In my current universe (one must always be optimistic about positive changes in our lives), I'm in my t-shirt, jeans, Isabel Marant jacket (my only claim to fame) and comfy wedge sneakers while chasing Lil L and lugging bags of groceries as she zig-zagged down the street at an astounding pace. My only consolation is that I have only a couple of tiny instead of  palm sized food stains on my shirt.

While I often gaze with deep longing at glamorous photos of model like bloggers, the ones that I can relate to the most would be those who have a practical and sensible approach to fashion but stylish nonetheless. Many of us do not have a deep pocket nor make expensive purchases every week. I love seeing old clothes being recycled again and again and learning how to make it work with other pieces in the wardrobe. These 3 bloggers exemplify a more minimalist approach to dressing.

Sonia of Sonia Deli

Sonia is a stunning beauty based in London with alluring doe like eyes and those high cheekbones which are only seen on models. Oh wait! She does look like a model. She's a Portuguese transplant living in London. I guess you could say that birds of a feather flock together as we seem to have rather similar taste in clothes. As you've guessed it, she's a huge fan of French brands like A.P.C, Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno. I admire her relaxed yet chic approach. Her blog doesn't just concentrate on fashion but also include travel and food. Since I've yet to master the art of wearing heels, I turn to her blog for ideas as Sonia is a fan of comfortable shoes.

Melody of Chicology

Tall, slim and innately elegant, Melody has a way of turning simple and affordable clothes into an expensive looking outfit. She lives in Singapore and her clothes reflect the climate there. Melody's a lady after my own heart as she tends to invest in her bags and shoes. Check out her incredible Hermes and Chanel collection! She's a huge fan of Ferragamo shoes which I'd previously thought were old fashion but she has since rekindled my love for the brand. Although you wouldn't know it from her figure but she's a mom and a very well dressed mom at that.

Aissa of The Chic Pragmatist

I adore the name of the blog. How appropriate! Aissa is based in Paris. I admire those who can write and speak two languages fluently. Her outfits are chic, never contrived and comfortable. One of my favorite things to do in Paris is to sit at a cafe and people watch. I love how the Parisians put their outfits together. The majority of ladies there understand their body shape and lifestyle and would follow a trend if it flatters them. Aissa is adept at mixing High St clothes such as Gap, H&M, New Look or Uniqlo with Isabel Marant, Balenciaga or Lanvin.


  1. No thanks required! I'm so glad you chose Sonia - she's gorgeous isn't she and lovely with it too. I wanted to include her on the Liebster as well but I ran out of places. Can someone nominate me for another one and I can choose another 5 favourite blogs please! Heck - I'll just copy you and just do a favourites and be done with it!

    Love and hate all three of these - they are all so stylish and with beautiful figures to boot. Yaboo sucks! (Sorry - that was extremely childish of me).

  2. I'm looking forward to reading your Friday posts, happy to discover new bloggers of style !
    The three of them are of good inspiration again ! Have a nice week-end !

  3. Marlene, what an honour to be featured in your blog! Many, many thanks for your kind words (and also thanks, Sue, for your support ;).
    I love your "Pass it Forward" tag and couldn't be more pleased to be included in the "Pragmatic bloggers" group together with Melodie and Aissa, whom I also follow and admire.

    Have a great weekend xx

  4. I can so relate to what you have written.... in another life eh? Thanks for the links, I will be sure to check these ladies out xx

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these great bloggers! Definitely a fan of the minimalistic approach to dressing!

  6. I agree with absolutely everything you said about Sonia! She's an amazing beauty and I really love that her blog is a mix of fashion as well as travel and the like. I haven't heard of the other bloggers, but I will def check them out!

    Have great weekend sweetie!


  7. Always interesting to see what people are wearing and I think they are very brave to put photos up. I guess it helps when you have a great figure! x

  8. I love Sonia! She's so stunningly beautiful and seems very down-to-earth...
    - Aliya :)

  9. Thank you Marlene! :)
    I'm checking out Sonia's blog!

  10. I already follow Sonia's blog, she is a stunning girl and super smart. I'm definitely a follower !!! I ll be checking out the others, thanks fir the tip, Marlene ! Have a great weekend xx

  11. Very nice text!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog.

  12. Love this post...
    Love fashion bloggers and their outfits
    they are the closest to reality that we can get
    and I love that some of them do not have the supermodel bodies but they are as stunning.

  13. Great picks again! I totally agree with you about re-wearing things & I pretty much only even invest in shoes, bags or jewellery, maybe the odd jacket too. I love how different each of these ladies are style wise & yet all have this same minimalist & practical approach to dressing. I think it's so interesting seeing how different people can take the same idea & yet come out with a totally unique & personal end result.

  14. loving this round's picks too. i wear a lot of my things over and over again, it doesn't really show on the blog since i only post 1 or 2 a week, but really like the idea of almost daily posts with the same items. some might say it's repetitive but i think it's only realistic and i love seeing how other people work it too!

    steph /

    1. I can understand your sentiment. Most of us can't realistically purchase a whole slew of clothes every other week.

  15. Another great post - these look like fantastic new blogs to check out!

  16. I'm really excited about getting to know Aissa better through her blog. I find I'm drawn to bloggers who mix high street fashion and couture. There's only so much fashion blogs/posts a girl (like me) can take :)

  17. Congratulations on your Liebster Award! Such a sweet roasting from Susie:)

    Can I say that I love VB's dresses. There I admitted it. Not the fitted ones but the ones from a few years ago that flare out a bit- love! love! love! I've been meaning to do post on it.

    Lovely picks. I love the idea of being pragmatic about shopping.



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