Sales Picks Under £250

Tuesday 10 July 2012

2. DvF Eriko Jacket was £414 now £124
3. DvF Nobuko dress  was £350 now £175
4. DvF Sarita lace dress  was £349 now £104
5. DvF laptop case  was £56 now £28
6. DvF Julian wrap dress  was £331 now £165
7. Equipment signature silk shirt  was £231 now £115
8. Repetto patent ballet flats  was £185 now £115
9. A.P.C denim necktie top  was £155 now £77.50
11. J Crew Honeycomb cable-knit sweater  was £90 now £27
12. DvF earphones  was £18 now £9

Now I know that the Etoile Isabel Marant Momo jacket isn't on sale but it's certainly cheaper than its predecessor, the Lexy which retailed at £265 last year. I've worn my boucle Lexy so much that I'm planning to get the Momo. It's perfect as a jacket or worn under a coat in winter. The slightly fitted silhouette in a stretchy material is not only flattering but incredibly comfortable too.

DvF dresses are hideously expensive here in the UK but ever since my friend, Lauraloo raved about them, I've been slightly obsessed with them. These dresses are so versatile and chic. They're great for work, cocktail events or weddings. I don't normally do prints but these are just to die for.

I hardly ever pay retail for my somewhat extensive Repetto collection. The sales are the best time to pick up basics which includes these flats. I resole them every few years. In fact, my oldest pair are about 6 years old now.


  1. I guess it's no surprise that I love the Isabel Marant Momo jacket. Also, such a great thing that you resole your shoes, something I also do with my shoes. :)

  2. I was eyeing no9 for the longest time, but succumbed to the power of Barbour sales, I got a tailored shirt for 50% off. Excellent quality and classic design. No 10 are also very attractive, I need a pair of wild shoes. :)
    Great selection!

  3. I've been thinking about getting the Momo too! Love it! And I can't get enough of Equipment silk shirts. I love that they have so many colors and prints! I wear mine all the time. :) I love the shade of the one you posted! :)


  4. Oh shoot, I need the Momo, too, don't I? I've also worn my Lexy to bits but I think it's just fab and THE perfect layer under a coat. Lived in mine in NYC! Dontevengetmestarted on the DVF wraps.

  5. Ooh I could quite happily buy all of these I love Equipment shirts, so classic and timeless. You have amazing taste.


  6. nice sales pick. i would pick the black blazer and grey cable knit sweater since these are 2 basics no one should be without!

    xx rae

  7. Cute picks! Loving the blazer and lace dress!


  8. Love the DVF wrap dress but maybe in block color for me (I'd look double my size in that pattern!) and I must say the cuts are quite a lot on these items. I managed to grab a beautiful animal print cashmere scarf from DVF during the sales.. I wish there were more colors!

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  9. The IM Momo jacket is fabulous and it definitely looks like an item that would have a great deal of mileage. I've yet to try on a DVF dress but I have a friend who swears by them and she's quite chic. I'll have to hit up the next sample sale if I can psych myself up to brave the lines.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. Very pretty pics. I love the pattern on the laptop case.


  11. I love the ballet flats, especially the patent ballet flats! It seems so versatile since the color goes with everything :)

  12. What a great round up. I love DvF prints but haven't bought any for myself. I have a few of her skirts (plain ones) and I love them, wear them all the time!

  13. I'm actually really liking the DVF lace dress but would worry about eating in it incase it showed my post dinner belly afterwards. And the laptop case is cute. There was a lovely Anya Hindmarch camera case out there in sales land which I took a shine too and would have loved it as a small make up case (not that I have much make up) but unfortuntely it said "camera" on it which kind of knocked it on the head for me.

    1. Funnily enough, I chose the lace and Nobuko dresses because they're very forgiving around the tummy. I tried to get the earphones to replace my missing ones but they'd sold out.

  14. LibertyLondonGirl has that lace dress in blue I think, it's really nice.
    I have two DVF dresses and I absolutley love them. She knows how to make dresses, they are so hard wearing and they fit perfectly and are comfortable and flattering. I reckon I've worn my black work one around two hundred times and that's value for money!

  15. Love this list. I have five DVF dresses but no prints so far. I have the Zarita lace dress in black from a few seasons ago and love it. I like the aubergine color of the one you posted. DVF dresses really are worth the money because the hold up so well. The only baad thing is that I always have to have the shoulders taken in without fail.

    I've been eyeing the IM jacket- it such a great piece.

    Totally agree about Repettos.

  16. Love the wrap dress and nude flats - very cute! :)

  17. I nearly always wait for the sales to buy anything. I got an MHL top that I had been eyeing all year in the NAP sale so that was a great scoop. Didn't get anything else though. When I was in Berlin recently I found a back-season Filippa K dress that had been marked down so I guess that counts as well.

    I love DVF prints but their clothes don't really work on me. I bought a great dress for my sister last year though and she loves it and we're both surprise how hard-wearing they are.

  18. i love DvF dresses! the prints always amaze me. :)

  19. I just bought a long DVF dress, you just can't go wrong with her!

  20. Ooh I love the Momo jacket!! Great picks!



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