Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 27 July 2012
I can't wait to introduce 3 bloggers from countries that are closer to home for me. I often marveled at the amazing blogosphere as it has provided me with a platform to connect with many inspirational individuals from all around the world.

Eileen of Lavished

Eileen is 2nd from the left.

Eileen is a working mom of 2 based in Singapore. We've been communicating back and forth via email for a month before I realized that she has a blog. She's a deep thinker and a person of strong faith. Her kindness, compassion and humility resonate through the words that she writes. One of her most current posts, Skin Deep is a particular favorite of mine. She explored a minimalist approach to skincare and placing more importance on the person within.


Lin is a Singapore based journalist. I've only recently stumbled upon her blog, Out of The Bag and she had me enthralled for the next couple hours while I worked through various posts in the archive. Needless to say, I didn't get much work done. I left a comment once asking for traveling tips and the reply knocked my socks off. She must've spent a significant amount of time writing a detailed response which proved to be exceedingly helpful. I often save her blog for bedtime reading when I'm not disturbed by my little rugrat. She is that good! Lin's accounts of her extensive adventures transport me to a different world and I feel that I am actually walking alongside her.


Anna's a cheerful 23 year old from Perth, Australia. Her blog,  Life's Shiny Pretty Things is THE place to hang out if you need a source of inspiration or an affirmation to start the day. She is unendingly positive and optimistic. She has written helpful tips to deal with work, grief, health and the list just goes on. Anna's blog was recently featured in a special edition of Perth Now, a local newspaper there.  She and her boyfriend will be embarking on a  4 month grand adventure through Europe in a few days' time. I wish you all the very best!


  1. Thanks for sharing these blogs. I can't wait to stop on over and check them out.


  2. Loving Eileen - what a gorgeous bunch of women and girls - and love those camel coloured shoes and Anne has a wonderful classic gold necklace

  3. I love learning about new blgs!!! Thanks so much for posting about them. Can't wait to check them out.

  4. Marlene, I am very honoured to be featured here. This is the space I come to when I need style inspiration and new ideas for recipes. You have a winsome quality in your writing that is befriending and sincere. But more so, your blog is also host to a gathering of wonderful ladies all around the world, sharing their lives and discussing issues close to their hearts.

    I am also very honoured to be featured with another of my fav blogger and friend, Lin, who has taught me so much about contentment, humility and grace. Her journey in finding her personal aesthetic has inspired me to go on my own.

    I will be checking out Anna's blog over the weekend.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. Yay for Lin! One of my top bloggers, always thoughtful and such a pleasure to read her clear prose.

  6. I started reading Lin's blog a little while ago as I love her style and her self assurance and I was fascinated by the way she had pared down her lifestyle and her wardrobe. Something I love reading about but know I can never achieve. Will check out the other two blogs as well.


    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where Fashion and Food collide!

  8. Thanks for giving me some new blogs to check out!

  9. Oh my goodness, this was a very very nice surprise and I'm incredibly flattered. Thanks very much for this and you are far too kind!

  10. I love this feature of yours - going to check out these blogs! Have a lovely weekend M!

  11. Ooh, can't wait to check these blogs out tonight when I get some quiet time :)

  12. I just checked them out. You find the best blogs! It really is a great forum (blogging) to meet new people. Have a great day

    xx Mandi

  13. I have said it before but I'll say it again - you are a burst of sunshine in the blogosphere with your amazing kindness when it comes to these posts (& lots of your other posts too). It is rare to find a blogger who will be so kind and generous with sharing other blogs. It was an honour and humbling to feature (especially along side 2 other fantastic bloggers) and I was blown away to read your little blurb on my space. Thank you thank you thank you xxx

  14. Marlene, I'll take advantage of your post to publicly declare my admiration for Lin's "out of the Bag" blog as well. It's beautifully written and all the content seems very carefully curated. Blogging royalty, as far as I am concerned :)

  15. I have also learnt that living a life free of resentment, malice, envy and strife has a direct positive effect on a woman’s countenance. - what a great quote to live by.

  16. I have so many new blogs to read! Thank you!



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