Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 6 July 2012
It's that time of the week again to introduce 3 more bloggers who inspire me. I guess it's pretty obvious that I have a mild, okay, moderate....riiiiight....I'm deluding myself here.... a raging obsession with Isabel Marant clothes. You know the term - birds of a feather flock together? Well, it didn't take long before equally obsessed Isabel Marant devotees locate each other in the blogosphere. I often find inspiration in these 3 women because yes, they're stunning but they're real women, not skinny, overly made up and airbrushed giraffes fronting the pages of Vogue or Elle.

Mandi of Find Me a Muse


Mandi is a personal friend of mine. She is, what I term an Isabel Marant guru. What she doesn't know about the brand isn't worth knowing. When she was over in the UK for a couple of months, we caught up over food on many occasions and giggled for hours over the most inane subjects. She was the one who introduced me to Fortnum and Mason homemade fudge which led to my downfall. I managed to gorge over 2 kgs of the sweet delight and gained just as much before I finally had to put a stop to it. She's a wonderful listener and generous to a fault (we fought over the bill too many times to count). She also wears  awe-inspiring skyscrapers, I mean heels and tells me that they're comfortable. Hmmm......

Kayin of Logomania


Kayin is a trademark lawyer based in the Netherlands. I've never met a lawyer as well dressed as her. She has a flair for mixing high end clothes with pieces from Zara and H & M. Kayin's style is always effortless and never contrived with a touch of rocker chic that sets a tone in all her outfit photos. She has a practical approach to dressing and is unafraid to wear the same clothes again and again but styled in different ways.

Aliya of Marant Philes


Aliya's blog is a compilation of photos from all over the world featuring models, bloggers and fashion insiders wearing Isabel Marant. I compare her blog to a beautiful scrapbook which I often draw inspiration from. Aliya also includes photos of her outfits as well. She is a style chameleon. There's an undertone of androgyny in Isabel Marant clothes but Aliya manages to incorporate a more feminine vibe to her outfits.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to new bloggers! :) Have a great weekend.

  2. great feature post... love discovering new bloggers. :)

    have a great day!!


  3. Thanks so much for featuring me and for your kind words! It's a true honor to be mentioned next to Mandi and Aliya! Have a great weekend! xx Kayin

  4. All 3 are absolutely awesome! So happy I discovered all their blogs. Like you said, us IM fanatics have a way of finding each other! :)

    Happy Friday!


  5. Fun post! Definitely checking these ladies out!


  6. They are awesome Marlene! I have to try Fortnum and Mason. Everyone loves their sweet treats. Have an amazing weekend girl.

  7. 2kg of fudge? Go girl! I wish you hadn't told me about that because now I know I'm going to end up buying some :(
    I love her black coat and leather trousers x

  8. All amazing and with such amazing style. Mandi is lovely and she is the Isabel Guru! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. wow this is amazing! photos are pretty good :)

    visit/follow? :)

  10. New reads for me is a good deal :) Mandi looks fabulous and a lawyer with style is 2 thumbs up!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where Fashion and Food collide!
    FOODIE WEEKEND - Thai Green Curry

  11. Look at all of these fabulously fashionable ladies! Am off to check them out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. thanks so much for posting these 3 lovely ladies! it was great to get to get to know them a bit better through your writing and i will have to check them all out :)

    xx rae

    love for schoolgirl

  13. Love learning about new blogs! Thanks for posting about them. Have a fab weekend!!

  14. 3 of my favorites! great choices for us IM devotees!

  15. I always like to know what blogs others find most interesting. Thanks! (Your blog has had me kicking myself in the butt over and over for not getting the Ulysse when I had the chance. I saw it on La Garconne and thought it was very interesting but never acted on it. Now all these action pics have me crying into my coffee.)

    1. Join the club. By the time I figured out how versatile the Ulyse is, the jacket is completely sold out everywhere!!!

  16. Aliya is probably THE most Isabel Marant-literate Girl I ever read. And she has the know-how to wear IM key items beautifully !

  17. Thanks for sharing- I will be sure to check these out!


  18. Marlene you are ever so gracious and I'm truly humbled by your kind words and of course for being featured with two of my favourite bloggers (who are absolute sweethearts). Thanks so much and let me say, although the fudge yes will add a good 2-5kg to a lovely ladies weight before an intervention is required, you simply couldn't live another day without trying it! Thank god I'm in Australia otherwise I think I would have somewhat of an addiction to it.

    PS... I miss our giggle sessions!

    xx Mandi

  19. wow yes you're definitely a marant fan and thank god for that ;) love all three of these blogs, keep em' coming! x

  20. I find the best blogs through you!! Thanks for sharing!

  21. All three of them look like they have great style!

  22. I will definitely check out their blogs!

  23. hi dear!
    of course, those 3 bloggers are one of my fave too...
    Totally diggin your Kady BTW

  24. amazing and lovely girls!
    lucky you and Mandi had the chance to see each other!
    hopefully we could too soon.. if not now next year :)

    take care dear. xoxo, Haus of Gala



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