Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 22 June 2012
I'm starting a new series every Friday called Pass It Forward featuring 3 bloggers that I admire and regularly follow. I often stumble upon incredible blogs via Twitter or comments that had been left or through other social media platforms. I get so excited by my "discoveries" and then realize there are no proper channels to openly share this other than through my blog. So here it is.

Picture 1
Photo credit: Insideology

Annie of Insideology

A woman of many talents. Interior decor enthusiast. A walking encyclopedia of UK. Heck, she even managed to make Baker St station, the oldest tube station in the UK sound so intriguing that I'm planning to pop in just to check it out on my next visit to London. Frankly, what she doesn't know about this country is well, not worth knowing. Really.

Photo credit: The Habit

Tee of The Habit

Teresa or otherwise known as Tee looks like a model. Dresses like one too. I would've hated her if she wasn't such a sweetheart. This lady has a heart of gold. Her photos are what I call out of this world. If I could rate them between 1 to 10, it would be a definite 15. Oops. Never claimed to be good at math. This is the one blog to check if you suffer from an addiction to Isabel Marant clothes. Like me.

Photo credit: Susie So So

Susie of Susie So So

Susie So So is a journal chronicling the fashion journey and life of Susie. I was hooked and gripped by her writing the very first time I set eyes on her blog. She never fails to make me laugh with her self deprecating and witty remarks. Her blog may be barely 3 months old but I predict it'll grow by leaps and bounds by year end.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love Theresa, she is such a sweetheart! Her blog is amazing too!

  2. Hi Marlene. Thanks for including me on your recommendations - I love the way you put me under model Theresa (looking gorgeous) and me showing off my lumpy knees :o). No seriously, thank you very much and mutual respect for your wonderful blog. I always look forward to your blog posts to see what goodies I should be saving up for and what wonderful things I can't cook or bake. One day I will be as wonderfully entertaining and accomplished as you. One day ... !

  3. they have amazing blogs! also different style and personality! i also love discovering new people... this is great start for this Friday series :)

    take care dear and wish you a wonderful weekend!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  4. Gotta thank you for featuring these blogs because i have never visited them, i wiil definitely have to check them out.

  5. thank you marlene, that´s a great idea, i might steal it, hehe
    have a happy weekend!

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  7. Marlene, one of the things that I've loved about blogging so far is getting to meet amazing women I wouldn't have had the opportunity to stumble across in my everyday life, like you. You have always been so incredibly kind and sweet to me, and I am beyond appreciative. Thank you so much for featuring me in your new series, which is such a thoughtful and lovely idea. I'm blown away by all that you said about me, and I thank you immensely for the compliments. I'm continually inspired by you, and it's an incredible honor to be gracing the page of your absolutely awesome blog which I love! I'm so touched. THANK YOU Marlene! Once again, you've put a major smile on my face and made my day. <3

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!


  8. such a great idea. :) i'd love to check them out. :)

    i love meeting and getting inspired by amazing bloggers. :)

    happy wknd!

  9. Already love The Habit!!! Thank you for the introduction, great picks :) x x

  10. really cool idea, thank you for the suggestions, i will have to go check out their blogs!!

    xx rae

  11. Thanks for posting these blogs, will check them out!

  12. Theresa is so sweet and she has indeed a very generous personality. She always takes time to answer questions very kindly. And her pictures are always WAOUH !!! Breathtaking !
    That's a good thing you featured her !

  13. Brilliant idea Marlene. I'm going to check 1 and 3 out now. I follow Theresa's blog. It's addictive and you couldn't be more spot on. She is an absolute sweetheart!

    xx Mandi

  14. I absolutely adore Susie's blog - my current blog obsession! :)

  15. This is an awesome idea Marlene! What an excellent way to showcase exceptional bloggers :D
    Two thumbs UP for you!

  16. ooh, always like finding new blogs! such a great idea m!

  17. Oh,M I just read your post and I can't agree more. Tee is another blogger I follow aside from you and Kaypin to name a few and I adore reading her blog. I am going to check out the 2 other ones right away. Take care, sweetie:)
    Freida xxx

  18. Marlene I'm so flattered and beyond touched that you've included me. That means so much to me, you wouldn't believe.

    I can't wait to check out the other two bloggers. I've not heard of either of them and really want some fresh new blogs to check out.

    I'm really glad we've met in the blogosphere and in real life soon hopefully too xx

    PS sorry for my tardy comment but was away for the weekend xx

  19. This is a great idea. I love Theresa's blog (and I agree with you - she's a sweetie!), but didn't know the other two. So, many thanks for sharing. I discovered your blog only very recently (coincidentally, I think through a comment you left either on Theresa's blog or on the marantphiles) and I've to say I really, really love it. I'm now a regular reader.

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