Celebrating Jubilee

Tuesday 5 June 2012

For those of you in the UK, I hope you're enjoying the 4 day break from work and school runs. I have to say, the Brits certainly know how to throw a party. In this case, a massive party. This Diamond Jubilee celebration has been an eye-opening experience. See, the thing about Kiwis is we're so laid-back, we're practically horizontal particularly when it comes to festivities. I'm just in awe at the extent the city council went to put up the decoration. Even the plastic bags to store veggies in the local supermarkets have the Union Jack on them. The kids in school have been busy practicing the Diamond Jubilee song for weeks.

Lil L

Take a look at the first picture again. You'll notice the dark clouds looming menacingly in the background. We barely took 3 steps out of our flat and had to dash back to escape the rain. After a quick change of coats (thank heavens for raincoats!), we joined the masses on High St.

jubilee - cake
jubilee - mugs

All the stores got in on the act. There are all sorts of paraphernalia ranging from practical stuff to borderline bizarre. Lil L wanted a piggy bank. We couldn't find a pink porker anywhere but there were plenty of little piggies with the Union Jack plastered on the bellies.


Whaddaya know? They even had the Lion Dance to guide the mayor down the High St. It was a little odd (come to think of it, I think a brass band would've been better) but I was so stoked to see something that reminded me of my childhood in Borneo.


It was a madhouse on the main street as the antique market and street party were on simultaneously. The band was playing in the background. The craziest thing was the tight security. You'd think the Queen was dropping in to say hello.


Everyone came prepared including my friend, Vickie. I was suitably impressed with her Union Jack headband, scarf and umbrella. I err..... forgot to grab something blue, red and white. Tsk tsk tsk.


The buskers took the opportunity to showcase their talent. Remember I mentioned about the practical and bizarre stuff? The piggy bank is practical. The dude in the strange a la diver helmet was just weird.


  1. Looks and sounds like so much fun! I hope you had a great time! This might sound nerdy, but I just love the way you write. Your posts are always so well thought out and put together! :) Amazing pictures like always, and Lil L is absolutely adorable! I just love her outfit - so incredibly cute. Thanks for sharing Marlene!


  2. Looks super great
    I wished I was there celebrating, love the Queen
    have a nice and stylish week darling
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  3. Looks like a super amazing party!

  4. looks amazing despite the weather! was watching some of it on TV this morning before i went to work..

  5. Stunning pictures. You really do know how to take a good photo. I said to my hubs why don't my photos look any good and he said - stop standing in the light. Fair do's. I wish he hadn't sold his Canon EOS 7D now - could really have done with having a go with it now I've started the blog. Mind you - it took me all my time to take the lens cap off.

  6. Oh and is it just me or is Lil L going to be just as chic as her mom? Start them young - that's my motto.

  7. What fun! And L looks so adorable!!

  8. That looks like so much fun! Looks like it's a great year to be in Britain. Lil L has got to be the chicest little girl in town. Love her raincoat.

  9. Thank you for these photos!

  10. Love the little cupcakes in the chairs!

  11. Lil L is so stunning. I want her trench- rolled up sleeves and all:)

    I love how festive everything looks. Hope you are enjoying all the festivities!

  12. Wow !! Miss all the fun . Really like lil L - French-chic style. . Love and kisses .

  13. Thanks so much for the pictures! Simply Amazing!!

  14. The lion dance is cool - but odd. Still, totally cool?

  15. These pictures are amazing! I love seeing all of the pictures from this event!

  16. Oh wow that looks amazing! How festive. Such a great display, love the cake thrones! Is that your daughter? She's really cute! Glad there were no morris men and glad you got to see a decent party :)

    You can see how much it's been raining lately because look how green those trees are!

  17. I'm so glad you attended! I watched some of it on television and enjoyed it. I remember the day it rained. The memorabilia is out of this world! I would probably want to buy everything. HAHAHA Love the thrones with cupcakes in them. GREAT POST!

  18. Awww...I would have loved to join such a party too! :D



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