Sunday 8 April 2012
statue in vatican1.1
The Vatican City

spanish steps
This little globe is located outside the famous Romantic poet, John Keats' home by the famous Spanish Steps. He left for Rome hoping to recover from his bouts of Tuberculosis but sadly died here in Rome aged just 25.

near spanish steps
The view from the Spanish Steps which is overran by tourists day and night.

arch & colloseo
The Arch of Constantine adjacent to the Colosseum, Palatino and Roman Forum


Trevi Fountain

Buongiorno from Roma! We've been on the road for 2 weeks now. I was diligent enough to schedule posts for most of last week but hadn't anticipated how difficult it was going to be just trying to get good internet access. Thank you for the thoughtful comments you've left. I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading. Despite the beautiful scenic views, I was seriously getting internet AND blog withdrawal by week 2.

Rome is even more beautiful and chaotic as I'd imagined. Having been here once before, literally whizzing through the entire city in a few hours, I decided to take it real easy this time. Previously, we'd hurried into St Peter's Basilica and darting past the incredible Michelangelo and Raphael paintings in the Sistine Chapel in an hour. Just so you know. You can definitely explore the entire Vatican in 60 minutes. The Colosseum and Palatino were blurry objects as our taxi driver navigated the streets as if he was racing for the Grand Prix. I remembered him yelling "il Colosseo! il Colosseo! from the front, momentarily forgotten to hold on to the steering wheel.

Here's what I've learned about Italy so far:
1. If you have a weak heart, do not attempt to get into a taxi nor drive. BUT if you think  roller coaster rides are your thing, go for it.

2. The locals will spoil your kids rotten wherever you go. Your little bambina or bambino will be smothered with hugs, kisses and candies.

3. If you want to get exceptional service, bring along a kid. Preferably one that smiles and says Ciao a lot. If you don't have one, rent a bambina/bambino or borrow from a friend.

4. The Swiss guards at the Vatican are chosen based on their hot bods and good looks. Some of them look like hunky models. Er....I'm sure they're awesome bodyguards too.

5. Be sure to stamp your train ticket before getting on the train. Don't be surprised if most of the machines are broken. This offers you the perfect opportunity to exercise by sprinting down every platform to find a working ticket machine.

6. A gelato is part of your meal. There's a gelateria in every corner so it's utterly impossible trying not eating a gelato a day? Pick the fragola (strawberry) or melone (melon) and that's your 1 of 5 a day. Okay, so I'm rationalizing but hey, when in Rome......


  1. Beautiful picks! Love Rome, the main thing I learnt from going there was be careful of moterbikes - the amount of crazy drivers, even in side / small streets. :) x

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    2. Oh and make sure you're covered when you go to St Peter's Cathedral - I stupidly went in a sleeveless top and had to buy a scarf from a nun run shop within the church. Still use the scarf and it now holds meaning from my visit there so all good :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you are having an awesome time. Do you have any advice on where to rent those bambinis? ;)
    I never even stamped my tickets when I was in Rome.
    Go to Trastevere and eat at if you have time. My favorite was a Pizza Bianca con Rucola! Amazing. It was my best eat all over Italy.

  3. I LOVED looking at all your photos... Rome was one of my favourite places when we did our big Europe trip a few years ago. Rounding a street corner and seeing the Colosseum took my breath away and the Roman Forum was absolutely incredible to walk through. It almost goes without saying (given my sweet tooth) that I loved eating gelato five times a day!

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!!

  4. These are such gorgeous photos! Thanks for taking the time to share them. I hope that you continue enjoying the rest of your vacation - looking forward to more pictures! :) Have fun!!


  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, you are adorable ♥

  6. how i wish we could meet but maybe we'll be lucky in the future!!! hope you're having a great time with kids... i know italians are weak baby smile and cuties :)

    take care and enjoy the trip.. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. Those photos are amazing, they remind me of when I was in Rome 14 years ago. We went in April and the weather was outstanding. Sigh....definitely want to go again!

  8. I've been waiting for your vacation pictures ;-)
    So Little L is learning Italian? She must be sooo cute!

  9. Ahh I love Rome and your photos are dreamy! I remember the gelato, we went every day too though the first day we were tricked into one of those 20 euro mega cones for tourists, lol!

  10. Oh I love Rome and it's the only place in the world where men still flirt with me!

  11. As far as #1, I think NYC is the same way. #3 made me laugh, dully noted! #4, ummm YUM! #5, can you bring your kid to fix this issue? #6, Mmmmm gelato... Mmmmm SOUNDS FABULOUS!!! xoxo A-

  12. I'm so in love with Rome... I've been checking your blog constantly so I could live through you. I hope you're having an amazing time xx

  13. Gorgeous pix! I've been reading your blog backwards for some reason ;) Tip #3 made me LOL - Hope you're having a blast! x

  14. You describe Italian Taxi drivers to perfection! OMG I never seen such fast driving in such narrow roads in this kind of traffic! They all do it and I love every minute of it! Haha! Glad you are having a fab time!

    What a coincidence going to Keats' home in Rome, I'm a Keats fan and always wanted to visit his home in UK (Wenworth Place) and his grave (& Shelley's) in Italy too...

    Amazing pictures!

  15. These pictures are amazing!!! HAHAHA about the taxi's! LOL Glad you're having a great time.

  16. Missed you Marlene! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. ITA about kids in Rome. We took my son when he was 2 (it was a nightmare actually) and the Italians adored him.
    However, all the gorgeous Italian men called me "Signora". :( Pooh. I was only in my mid 30's

    So true about the drivers. I remember reading once that, if they can't go around you, they will try to go over you!

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  17. Your pictures are incredible!!! WOW. It's like I'm there with you. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Rome is a fantastic city. I love sitting on the spanish steps and just people watch. LOL. Did you happen to go to the McDonald's right near there? I couldn't get over how nice it was when I was there. Although, that was like ten years ago. LOL.

    Best, M.

  18. Parking is hell in Rome! If you drive in Rome, you better be good at parking in the smallest space! I should take more time and enjoy Rome instead of touch and go, always something to do. Must play tourist sometime :)
    Beautiful pictures!

  19. I like ROME! And you're so right about Gelato being part of the meal. I had 2 or 3 each day after a meal. ;p



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