Friday 23 March 2012




I stood in line at a busy post office recently and caught snippets of conversations from those in the queue. I realized how draining it is to listen to incessant complaints. Just as a smile and a sincere compliment will lift your day, complaints do the opposite. It chips away any joy slowly like the currents eroding the riverbank over time. Just as I started to judge them, I realized that I too am a complainer. It has become an unconscious habit. Who am I to point my finger at someone else when I do the exact same thing?

I came across the story of James Fortune, an honest and hardworking man who became homeless with a pregnant wife and two young kids when he lost his job. Despite the traumatic experience, both he and his wife kept their faith, gratitude and strength to overcome their difficult situation. Or the 8 year old gospel singer wonder, Rhema Marvanne who lost her mother at a young age but touched the hearts of many through her songs and courage. It's all too easy to lose ourselves in our own little bubble and get irritated by minute insignificant things that do not really matter in a larger scheme of life. Her song, I thank God is a wonderful reminder to be thankful for what we have.

Lately, in a bid to get toned and healthier, a friend and I have been taking plenty of walks and exploring the countryside.  As we trekked up the hill and looked down at the awe-inspiring scenery, we realized that we have much to be thankful for. We have the privilege of living in a war free zone, a roof over our heads, health, family, friends and a full belly.


  1. Oh I couldn't agree with you more, I do try to remember to stop and appreciate the positives and that there is so much to be grateful for. My kids are reminded from time to time when they complain about not having a toy or gadget.

  2. Great post -- my work is fairly stressful right now and trust me, I've done my share of complaining...but I am constantly trying to keep myself in check and appreciate the good things I have.

    Those photos are fantastic, almost mysterious-like!

  3. All it takes is looking at or hearing other people's situations to know how blessed you are. I remind myself each and every day. This was a beautiful post M. Exercise is so helpful: health, clarity, stress reliever. Have an amazing weekend. ((HUG))

  4. I love this post! The pictures are gorgeous and everything you say is soooo true! It's interesting how negative thoughts and complaints can actually affect the way we feel. It's key to sometimes sit back and re-evaluate things to realize how lucky we are or how grateful we should be for the things we have. Gratitude. Absolutely lovely post!!


    The Habit

  5. Wonderful post! It can be so easy to lose sight of what we really have and to remember to be grateful for what we have.
    Walking through the beautiful countryside must be such an awesome lift for both the body and mind.
    Happy weekend!
    rolala loves

  6. It's (all to) easy to lose sight of how lucky we are sometimes isn't it... so thank you for reminding us to keep perspective.

    I'm starting to think you live in a fairytale town - your photos are stunning and your walks must be an absolute joy... happy weekend lovely!

  7. Such a beautiful and true post. And I really wish I could walk with you everyday!

  8. Well said , like you I find it easy to complain ... especially to me about me KWIM

    I think we're often hard on ourselves and then it's easy to criticise others for failing to live up to impossibly high standards .

    I continually remind myself of the man on a TV programme about terminal illness .
    Nearing the end and feeling so ghastly, he said he would give anything for one healthy day, even one he would have complained about before ...

  9. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous.
    It is so important to count your blessings every day. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Great post! I try remind myself of the things I am grateful for as often as possible. It's something my father used to do with me when I was a child and I've tried to continue it as an adult.

    Beautiful photos as always :)

  11. Such a great reminder Marlene. You are absolutely right how easy it is not to be grateful. A little negative thought here or there is so easy to let slip and before you know it, it's a habit which continues to escalate.

    I'm sure the walks with the stunning scenery and fresh air are doing wonders for your health, mind and fitness. It always helps to have some friendly company as well. Enjoy...

    xx Mandi

  12. Beautiful photos! It can be so easy to focus on the negatives in life but taking a step back to reflect on the positives is a much better way to live :)

  13. Agreed!

    Thank you or the tinning pictures as always!!

  14. Wow these photos are amazing. I can see why it helped you realise the more important things in life. Very inspiring :)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  15. So true, it is SO easy to forget how much we should be grateful for.

    Thanks for this post!

  16. I always love your reminders to be thankful. It's true than negativity breeds negativity, so I try to be around positive people.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    xo, sam

  17. Lovely post and a great reminder. It's easy to forget how lucky we are. xoxo

  18. i heart this post! i was just talking about this with the hubs over dinner tonight!!! it's so easy to lose sight of things and get swept up in the little things in life.. but i truly believe that when you focus on the negative things in life.. it actually just makes you feel and be negative! bad jujubee's just welcomes MORE bad jujubee's!!!

  19. The fog added a hint of mysterious feeling to the scenery :)

    But yeah, being grateful is the easiest thing to do in life, yet we somehow forget it at certain point..

  20. The scenery is gorgeous. Sometimes we forget how wonderful what is around us.

  21. What beautiful photos and touching stories. Thank you for sharing this post!

  22. Lovely photos...
    It is in human nature to complain all the time, we are never satisfied are we? Even those who REALLY have it all can find something to be disatsfied with. Just human ungratefulness I guess. However we should be feeling grateful every single day and feel blessed to be alive.

  23. hello dear! I'm very touched by this post Marlene.. really! I know sometimes I complain too much, for little pain or for wanting some of my desires. It's hard not to i'm just human but I know I have to thank God for every wonderful thing I have in life specially having a good health and wonderful baby and husband. This thing we should always remember everyday!!!
    lovely post dear and amazing pictures as well!!! spring just arrived in my place and its wonderful feeling :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  24. First off the pictures you shared are wonderful! I feel like the more we complain, our attitude becomes more negative and also feeds into other people. Like you said, we should thank God everyday and every minute for all the things we do have. Things could def be much worse... =) xoxo A-

  25. Ladies, thank you all for your kind words and taking the time to write. Reading your comments made me thankful for the blogging community that introduced me to so many others that under normal circumstances I will never have a chance to meet. I've read all your comments at least 3 times and they never fail to uplift my spirit and warm my heart.

  26. So true!! Thank you for this post! I remember someone told me one day, when I was sad and heartbroken, that feeling gratidute is the way to heal your heart! Thanks for sharing your experiences. And please please tell where are these photos taken? and the ones from I think last month post with magical misty landscape. I like in London and would love to visit other places in the UK, so please do say:) Dominika

    1. Dominika, thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful advice. I'll certainly keep it in mind. Please email me directly at and I'll provide you the information. I've chosen to remain anonymous and not reveal my little town publicly to protect my family.

  27. those photos gives such an eerie and mysterious feeling. amazing!

  28. lovely photos m, especially the last one, so magical with the fog :) i think sometimes we all lose sight of the bigger picture while focussing on the smaller things, nice reminder to always be thankful for what we have x

  29. i absolutely agree!! sometimes i get so caught up in my own problems and forget how much i already have. it's important to take a moment to appreciate everything around us once in awhile.

    thank you for the reminder! and the photos are just breathtaking!

  30. Lovely post. I completely agree. As someone who deals with customer complaints everyday, I know first hand how it can beat you down. I'm grateful for what I have everyday even when it's really hard to keep on smiling. Thanks for this post, it made my day.
    Best, M.



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