Friday 24 February 2012
geodesis rose

scent1 diffuser
Geodesis Rose & Jasmine Reed Diffusers

It's no secret that I'm a Francophile at heart. Therefore, it is inevitable that I should prefer French clothes, bags, shoes, scarves, fragrance and patisseries. Ever since I've taken my first whiff of Geodesis scented candles, I was hooked. I wasn't keen on having to light up or distinguish a candle so the next best thing was their reed diffuser. I've got the Jasmine in my lounge and my favorite, Rose which the aromatic Orange Blossom undertone in my bedroom. Geodesis reed diffusers are very concentrated so I'd recommend that you use half of the reeds provided.

I beg my family to fit as many boxes of Stassen Jasmine tea whenever they come over to England. They're ridiculously affordable but have an exquisite Jasmine fragrant and taste just as delicious. This is the most requested drink from friends when they come visiting.

scent3 bath
Ren Neroli & Grapefruit Bath Set

I'm loving this lightly scented shower gel and lotion set from Ren. While their courier delivery leaves something to be desired, I can't fault their products. The fragrance isn't overpowering. The essential oils used in both products leave the skin moisturized.


Laduree: Sucre - The Recipes

Beautifully presented with gold sleeved edges, this velveteen hard cover book by Laduree is a work of art. It took me two months of waiting before Amazon finally delivered this book. While technically, it's not a fragrance but I can imagine the delicious scents from the delicate macarons wafting from the pages of the book.


  1. Oh... I need the Laduree book now! and the Jasmine tea looks yummy. I'll be sure to give it a try. Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm waiting for mine to be delivered. Now I can't wait :)

  3. I really need a scent diffuser in my place, it's lent and I have some neighbors who are cooking/frying fish in the highrise...yup not pleasant to smell fish at 8pm!

  4. Wow what a visually beautiful post! Lets start at the beginning, I love the term 'Francophile' I too like everything French, esp their home decor! I love your little tea pot and cups, sooooo pretty, I need them in my life, have a feeling though that they're not from here?! I'm going through a REN fad at the moment, I'm using the Moroccan Rose body oil and Glycolatic Skin Renewal Peel Mask. Oh and do you know that Ladurée have brought out a makeup range - yet to hit British stores! :)

  5. I love Jasmine tea but have yet to find the finest one. Yours looks heavenly, i want a sip or two. Still havent tried macarons up to date...sigh. Your post makes me want to have an aftrrnoon tea. It is in my to do list when visiting my parents to go to a hotel for some fine afternoon tea. Yout tea set is so pretty too.

  6. What a yummy post...! Especially love your jasmine tea (need to hunt down some) and your tea set (pretty color!). Have you ever tried the tea-scented candles at Mariage Freres?

    Hope you'll have a great weekend:)

  7. Lovely, lovely! From one Francophile to another! And Jasmine tea is my very favorite, too! I get organic Jasmine Pearl tea from a sweet little shop in town. Will have to send you some!

  8. i love macarons from laduree :)


  9. Oh, the Jasmine diffuser must smell sooo good. I love anything Jasmine; it's light and airy. =)

    Those macrons look so yummy. Nothing beats a cup of tea in one hand and macroons in the other... yum

  10. I've only recently starting drinking Jasmine tea at home. Must look into Stassen since it gets such high marks from you.

  11. i've heard of the baies/dyptique candles but not that brand. sounds super nice. must check it out. i'll be doing a post on tea soon, so this is good to know (can i get it in the US?). excellent post M.



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