Shopping Uniform

Friday 30 December 2011
Whenever the mood for shopping strikes, I head to London to get a dose of retail therapy. I don my what-I-call "shopping uniform" because 1) if I'm uncomfortable, it shows on my face. Just ask the hubby  2) trying to remove and put on multiple layers plus tights each time I try on a garment snuffs out my motivation to shop within a nanosecond. 3) I have the attention span of a gnat so it's important that I remove any obstacle to a successful shopping expedition. Ask my girlfriends who are often forced to go on a coffee break every hour.

So here I have, thin layers of stretchy material that I can remove and put on with ease without smearing my make up or hair. Or, I can try on clothes without having to remove the layers. This is particularly helpful during the manic sale season when finding an available fitting room without having to queue for half an hour is more difficult than locating a Hermes Birkin.

Oh, and my trusted pair of kick ass Stuart Weitzman boots that I can walk all day without a smidgeon of pain. You're probably sick of seeing the same separates again and again. They're no brainer to mix and match which is also the reason why I'm wearing them to death.

Speaking of this Isabel Marant Bator coat from a couple of seasons ago, I don't understand why she stopped lining her current coats. The 100% cotton lining makes it one of my most comfortable coat. I'm dying to find out what everyone else has scored during the Boxing Day sale. What bargains have you picked up?

shopping uniform

shopping uniform1

Outfit: Isabel Marant Bator coat, Zadig et Voltaire jumper, James Jeans skinnies, Stuart Weitzman boots and Hermes Ex Libris shawl


  1. Love this outfit! Hope you have a fab New Years eve!

  2. Hey Girl! I so missed YOU! Wear those boots over and over and over again!!! When something is that fab, it's a must! You have listed every reason why I don't like shopping malls. I wish I could afford a personal shopper and they bring all the stuff to me to try on. HAHAHAHA I thought I saw a picture of you from a previous blog post (under "you might also like" but it was your sister-in-law hahaha) I was like darn it! HAHAHAHA Hope you have a wonderful New Years! :)

  3. I agree with your reasons for wearing the boots constantly. Who wouldn't? No need for variety when you have the ease and comfort of those beauties and they are fabulous as well! I've been secretly eyeing them off!

    I'm disappointed with the new IM coats not being lined. Some are itchy now which means I won't buy them since I just can't wear them. Hopefully they re-visit and fix the issue.

    Love your sales loot too. I'll miss my shopping buddy xx

  4. There's not an item here that isn't on my wishlist now!
    I love this jacket, and the Fred jacket in previous posts. But , sorry Isabel Marant, her jackets no longer seem so gorgeous ...
    Your Ex Libris is such a sought after shawl : you must love wearing it . I need!

  5. I am not brave enough to hit the stores not much to report over here! Happy New Year to the three of you!

    S in NY

  6. Anne, thank you! Likewise, have a wonderful New Year!

    Kim, So here I am, on my "me time" alone in a cafe sans hubby and kid with a sappy grin on my face as I read your comment. I'm getting plenty of weird looks now so I'd better wipe it off my face. My friend, you never fail to touch me with your kindness.

    Mandi, I tried on the sweaters recently and boy, do they itch! I just hope that as IM gains more popularity that she doesn't drop the quality of her clothes. I'm so going to miss you (sob!)

    Estrella, you're so sweet. Her collections are a hit and miss. I tend to only pick out a few pieces that work for me. I adore my ex libris shawl. I was beyond ecstatic when I found it and haven't stopped wearing it since.

    Clara, thank you.

    S, Happy New Year to you and E! You're smart not to hit the stores. Gosh, Harrods! Nightmare.

  7. I don't own any SW shoes yet but have heard great things about them and these boots look awesome! I really like that scarf too!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012 my dear!

  8. This is a perfect outfit - in it's elegance and simplicity! Been on a shopping diet after going through my wardrobe and entering a state of shock of how many clothes I have that I have never even worn :) Happy new years hun!!!! Wishing you luck, love, happiness and for all your dreams to come true in 2012 xxx

  9. this is just percet outfit very easy to wear and comfortable!!!!
    i also wish you a happy new year!!! more shopping spree this year ;)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  10. Comfortable clothes is definitely a key when shopping! I have the same thinking when I'm out clothes shopping and you are trying on clothes! You don't want to remove layers upon layers! and then put it all back on~! It's tiring :) Loving your outfit :) Happy new year

  11. Such a perfect shopping outfit! The worst is when I forget I'm going shopping and wear a dress and then I can't try on things easily outside of the dressing rooms, lol. I love that coat and it is sad that IM stopped lining them! I hate coats without linings, I find them itchy. Hello from Thailand! :)

  12. Love the outfit!
    Unfortunately the sales will start next week here so no shopping for me yet.

    Happy New Year!
    Lily @

  13. Hey M! I've changed my blog address, so I wanted you to know the new one. :D

  14. Happy New Year Marlene!

    It's so true - you must have the right wardrobe to go shopping! Easy off and easy on. And actually, you inspire me because I like the way you really use each item in your closet. Can't wait to see you style your new finds! :)

  15. Gosh, I totally get you. My shopping uniform is minimal layers and anything that is not too heavy that I can take off quickly for fitting.

  16. LOVE your shopping cute & comfy...and easy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. I too do not understand why she stopped lining her jackets. It's so silly!

  18. i also have a special shopping uniform, especially when i go to the oxford street, where it's so crowded and therefore hot :) many layers and everything must be easy to take off for trying on stuff.

  19. I have special shopping uniforms (one for spring/summer, one for fall/winter) too! I get irritable if I keep having to button/un-button or shimmy out of something too tight, or peel off too many layers. Comfort is key when you're shopping!



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